MOMOverse: Halloween Event !

2 min readOct 25, 2022

Dear MOBOXers

MOMOverse: Halloween Event Released!

MOBOXers can simultaneously participate in the MOMOverse Home Alpha Test and our ever-exciting Halloween event. There are three Leader boards for the MOMOverse Halloween event. Players who rank on the Leader board can get some awesome rewards!

Event Details

❖ Home Master Leader Board

Ranked by the new home prosperity added every 24 hours. The top 100 players will be awarded a total of 10,000 MEC. For home prosperity rules, please check:

❖ Craft Master Leader Board

During the event, crafting materials can get you crafting points. The rank will be based on the total crafting points. The top 300 players will be awarded a total of 1,000,000 MEC.

Crafting Points Rules:

❖ MOMO BOXing Leader Board

During this event, there will be a variety of Halloween-limited MOMOs in the MOMOverse.

Boxing MOMO (Excluding MOMO fragment) can earn MOMO points. Boxing Halloween-limited MOMOs, which can earn 3x points of other MOMOs with same quality. The ranking is based on the total MOMO points obtained by players. Top 300 players will be awarded a total of 200,000 MEC.

MOMO Points Details:

20 October 2022




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