MOMOverse MOHome Official Launch & Xmas Extravaganza

10 min readDec 21, 2022

The month-long MOHOME Alpha Test is coming to an end, and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the month-long MOHOME Alpha Test & made the MOBOX community grow!
As Christmas approaches, we are excited to announce that the first major module in the MOMOverse,
MOHOME, will be launching soon.
To celebrate both Christmas and the official launch of
MOHOME, the MOBOX platform will be hosting a month-long annual celebration across the MOMO Farm and MOMOverse. We invite the community to join us in celebrating this historic moment.

Stay tuned for the start of the Web 3.0 extravaganza..

Dear MOBOXers,

We are excited to announce that the MOMOverse MOHome official version will be launched on 21 December 2022 at 8:00 UTC.

Please note that the MOHome Alpha Test will end at 8:00 UTC on 21 December 2022. The full resources and materials consumed during the test will be returned to the backpack after the test. However, please keep in mind that MBOX consumed during the Alpha test will not be refunded.We look forward to your continued participation in the MOHome.


❖ Orchard & D.S.C
❖ Shovel Crafting & New Collecting
❖ Others

❖ Extravaganza 1 — MOMO Xmas Merge
❖ Extravaganza 2 — MOMOverse Xmas Rank


1. MOHome Civilization

1.1 The MOHome is divided into 4 civilizations: Barbarian tribe、Steam punk、Tech fantasy and Middle Ages. Players can only choose one home type.

1.2 Each civilization home type building requires 6 types of materials when upgrading.

  1. 3 For the correlation between civilisations and the types of materials required, see: MOHome Official Verison Full Rules and Details

2. MOHome Building Classification

2.1 There are 8 types of buildings in MOMOverse MOHome. Build/Upgrade buildings can not only increase the prosperity of the MOHome, but also have their own unique building functions. The maximum number of each building varies.
2.2 MOHOME buildings require a specific amount of materials to be consumed during initial construction. The civilisation and building type of the MOHOME correspond to different types and amounts of materials. Click here for details: MOHome Official Version Full Rules and Details

3. MOHome Mining (Production Center)

3.1 Production Center: The Production Center is the main building of the MOHome. Once you have built the Production Center in your MOHome, you will be qualified to mine MBOX in your home.

3.2 Prosperity: MBOX production will be updated from time to time as the Total Prosperity changes. MBOX awards will be distributed from time to time according to the percentage of individual prosperity in the entire MOMOverse.
The main way to increase the prosperity of your MOHome is to upgrade your buildings.
When upgrading a building, players need to inject the designated Materials first, which can be injected multiple times. Players will get the prosperity reward immediately when injecting the Materials.

Buildings can be upgraded only after 100% of the designated Materials have been injected. After a certain upgrade time, the upgrade will be completed. Players need to claim the upgrade prosperity reward.

4. Barriers and Decorations

About Barriers

Before building: you may need to do some important & necessary preparation work — as there may be some debris on the building site, where you will potentially go to build your MOHome. Preparation is important as this may affect the placement and foundations of your MOHome & building but most importantly it’s vital for your flow, planning and architectural designs within the MOHome too.

Starting right with clear concise ground work is key, wouldn’t you agree?

4.1 There are initially some Barriers on the surface of the MOHome, and the existence of Barriers will occupy the space for placing buildings and decorations.
4.2 A small amount of MOHome prosperity can be obtained by removing Barriers. Once removed, the Barriers will disappear.

About Decorations

Your MOMOverse MOHome is an independent space only belonging to YOU! In addition to MOHome building, you can also design the style of the entire MOHome space as you like. With a variety of MOHome decor options to build and upgrade. You’ll be able to plan the flow & style of your entire MOHome the way you like & build on to create your own ideal MOMOverse MOHome of your dreams.

Within MOHome Decorations: you will find exquisite stone carvings and natural flowers and trees giving the most harmonious flow and feeling to your MOHome. All tied together this will bring comfort and tranquillity, which you as a MOHome owner will love whilst you live harmoniously in the MOMOverse community.

4.3 MOHome decoration only affects the MOHome appearance display, and has no other special functions. A small amount of MOHome prosperity can be received from building and upgrading MOHome decorations.
4.4 The MOHome decorations construction needs to consume Materials. The MOHome decorations upgrade needs to consume the collection and Materials.

  • The Molantis MOHome Department is planning to launch a new collection of home decorations for Molantis residents to freely choose from. Expected online by 31 December 2022.

5. MOHOME Task

Every 72 hours, by completing various MOHome tasks, players can get rewards for prestige, looting and search attempts.

5.1 D.S.C Medal: Can be used to submit to the D.S.C Trader for MBOX rewards.
5.2 Looting Attempts: Match other players, Infiltrate their orchards and take a portion of the fruit that is ripe and unpicked.

*For specific rules and values for each of the above MOHOME modules, click here: MOHOME: MOHome Official Version Full Rules and Details

MOHOME Orchard & D.S.C

About Molantis Orachard & Fruits

The Molantis continent has a longer rainy season with abundance of rain, warm climate and fertile soils that have cultivated countless delicious fruits.
The researchers of the
Molantis Research Institute artificially optimized the genetic fruit breeding of local fruits, improved the cultivation methods, and selected 9 kinds of fruit most suitable for artificial cultivation.

According to different planting conditions, 5 planting schemes were developed for each fruit.

Different schemes can improve the yield and growth speed of the fruit in different ways and enhance the taste of the fruit. Residents can choose the most suitable planting plan according to their own orchards’ actual condition and material input.

With its extremely rare and great taste and sufficient yield, the fruit produced by Molantis is a local specialty, and quickly became popular all over the MOMOverse continents.

With the achievement of this, MOMOverse began trading, the first thing included in the list of trade items was the Molantis fruit.

1. An orchard is a building where fruit is grown. You can upgrade the orchard to unlock more planting areas.
2. During planting, friends can help each other with watering and insect control, and the same player can only help once within 5 minutes.
3. The orchard has 5 planting schemes which require crafted material to be exchanged; each planting scheme has a different material requirement for different rarity.
4. The rarity of the planting options is mainly reflected in the planting time, fruit yield range and the amount of fruit that can be looted.

D.S.C (Deep Space Caravans)

Since Molantis started trading with other continents, the residents have often visited the newly built “D.S.C (Deep Space Caravans)” commercial airport.

These D.S.C consist of continents. Residents can take spaceships to travel in the MOMOverse, explore new areas, expand space travel, establish business networks, and prosper the commodity trade in various continents. As the trade organizers of the MOMOverse they play the role of logistics and transportation.

Currently, the specialty fruits of Molantis are procured by these D.S.C and traded among the continents of MOMOverse.

For the conveniency, of the residents of Molantis, the D.S.C established a trade center near the MOHome of the local residents.

After the residents pick the fresh fruit in the MOHome orchard, they can directly complete the shipment and transportation at the place of origin. Once the trade is complete, the residents will gain a “D.S.C Medal” with the D.S.C’s guild.

*D.S.C Medal: You can get MBOX rewards by submit “D.S.C Medal” to the D.S.C trader. Every time you reach a stage, you can get more rewards.

1. Each period of the D.S.C fruit trade lasts 24 hours, with the first 20 hours of each period being the fruit submission time and the last 4 hours being the settlement pending time.
2. The fruit trade’s total reward depends on total fruit submitted and total prosperity.
3. At the beginning of a trade period, D.S.C will randomly select 3 types of fruits as the varieties that can be submitted. The D.S.C Medal awarded per unit for each of the 3 fruits will be allocated randomly according to 7, 9 and 12 points. (to be determined at the time of award settlement)
4. Player’s reward in a trade period = Individual D.S.C Medal / Total D.S.C Medal of the trade period * Total Reward for the period

*More details about D.S.C fruit trade reward: MOHome Official Version Full Rules and Details

Orchard Looting
1. After building a lighthouse in your home, you can randomly search for any player and loot the fruits that are being planted or not yet harvested by your opponent.
2. You can get more search and loot attempts by completing the tasks.

Shovel Crafting and Collecting

New: The item [Shovel] has been added to the crafting and can be used to collect items.
New: [Shovel] can be traded in the Marketplace.
New: Items collected with [Shovel] can be traded in the Marketplace.


1. Shovels are classified into three rarities: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
2.The shovel in your backpack will be equipped automatically, open your backpack to check the equipment status of the shovel.
3. One shovel will be consumed for item collection each time.

*The Molantis MOHome Department is planning to launch a new collection of home decorations for Molantis residents, the construction of decorations may require the use of Shovel-collected items.


1. Friend limit has been adjusted to 50
2. Bugs Fixed
3. Accelerate Component: used to accelerate building construction (will be updated soon).

MOMO Farm Mining Cap Merged

MOMO Farm is expected to migrate its daily cap on Hash Power Mining Yield by 50,000 MBOX ( previously capped at 100,000 MBOX) on 22 December at 8 a.m. UTC, leaving MOMO Farm with a daily Mining Cap of 50,000 MBOX;

The daily yield limit in the MOMOverse has been updated to 100,000 MBOX, including 50,000 MBOX per day from the MOMO Farm, mainly through the “D.S.C Trade” and “Prosperity (Production Center)” components.

Extravaganza 1 — MOMO Xmas Merge

The MOMO Xmas Merge will be launched at the same time as the official launch of MOHOME, players can go to the MOMO Farm and click on the event entrance to participate.


Start: 21 December 2022 at 4:00 UTC
End: 20 January 2023 at 4:00 UTC


1. Only Rare and Epic MOMOs that do not reach the Initial Hash Power requirement can be merged.
2. When merging, you must choose the main MOMO first, then choose a MOMO that is the same quality as the main MOMO as the merging material.
3. When merging, the level and initial hash power of the main MOMO and the MOMO used as the merging material will be calculated together, the material MOMO will be consumed and the main MOMO will be given a new Initial Hash Power and a new Level.

*The merged MOMO’s “Initial Hash Power” may exceed the upper limit of hash power in MOMO farm.

Extravaganza 2 — MOMOverse Xmas Rank

Players can participate in the event by visiting the MOMOverse. There will be three Rank for each of the three main types of gameplay — Crafting, MOHome Construction and Orchard — all players will have the opportunity to win a huge amount of MEC rewards for participating.


Start: 21 December 2022 at 9:00–10:00 UTC
End: 20 January 2023 at 8:00 UTC


Crafting Rank

During the event, crafting all the materials can get you crafting points. Ranked by the total crafting points every 24 hours. The top 100 players will be awarded a total of 40,000 MEC.

Unit craft points are the same as Alpha test values.

D.S.C Trade Rank

The top 100 players will be ranked according to the number of fruits submitted by individuals in each 24-hour period, and the top 100 players will awarded a total of 20,000 MEC.

MOHome Construction Rank

The top 300 players will be ranked according to their total personal prosperity during the event period and will be awarded a total of 1,200,000 MEC.

19 December 2022

Please do not use the content of this announcement as a basis for any investment.

Do your own research!




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