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7 min readOct 25, 2022

As one of the early projects to focus on web 3 area, four years ago we began to conceive of a game that would potentially revolutionize the blockchain game industry. The game strives to give players full ownership of in-game assets to create and own the universes in which they spend their precious time. From the very beginning, our mission was to create an engaging, fun and rewarding gaming experience for every player. We hope MOBOX can be a community-driven platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. By using innovative tokenomics, utilizing finance and games. Whilst also combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM. We believe this is best achieved on a platform that remains open and decentralized, allowing every player to participate in community DAO, as a member of the Metaverse, towards the same goal — an open and diverse Metaverse and contribute their own strength.

As game creators , we found that in the previous game ecosystems, there was a gap between participants and the new social way of interacting. In the MOBOX world, gamers, designers and creators will work together under a consistent set of responsibilities and incentives. In the long process of making games, we realised that a more reasonable operating model should be adopted, blurring the long-standing historical boundaries between builders and participants: empowering everyone to create, grow, improve, embrace and collectively benefit from the combined efforts.

Our MOBOX community is the foundation of our games, and every step we take now is a powerful testament to the potential of that vision. We firmly believe that this is the right way to create games that last longer, have more valuable content, and engage players more!

In the process of building the MOBOX ecosystem, on the road to the rise of the MOBOX community, every community participant is adding their own contribution to this magnificent world.

From the support of our community during 2022 , MOBOX has achieved many milestones when it comes to blockchain gaming!

◈25th January 2022

ChainZ Arena MOBOX edition was officially launched

◈10th March 2022

The MOBOX Platform first third-party game MOLand Defense had Alpha test

◈1st April 2022

MOBOX Metaverse — MOMOverse released

◈18th August 2022

MOMO farmer economic system have been finished big update

◈22nd September 2022

MOBOX platform second third-party Simulation game Clash of MOLand officially launched

Dear MOBOX Community,

Since the release of the first phase of the MOMOverse, a lot of time has passed and the growth of our community as a whole has been fascinating. Now the time has come to take the MOMOverse to the next level.

And…. now, we have some exciting news to share with the whole community:

A new milestone, a new phase is about to be released…MOMOHome Alpha Test will kick off!


MOMOHome Alpha Test

  • ◈ Introduction to the Phase I of the Alpha test
  • ◈ Introduction to the Phase II of the Alpha test

MOMOHome Civilization Preview

Appendix: Alpha Test Rules and Details

MOMOverse Home Alpha Test Released

The MOMOverse Home Alpha test will be 30-days long and all data WILL RESET when the alpha test is finished. During the alpha test period, all players will be able to enter the MOMOHome via the “Home” button in the MOMOverse.

❖ Alpha Test Rule Description

  1. When the MOMOHome Alpha test starts, the material buy-back function will be closed.
  2. The MOMOHome Alpha test will consume the materials in your backpack and the MBOX in your BOX wallet. The consumption of MBOX will be temporarily adjusted to 0.1% of the official version (Minimum cost is 0.01MBOX). The full resources and materials consumed during the test will be returned to the backpack after the test.
    *Alpha testing will use real MBOX consumption and transactions; that is, MBOX spent in transactions will not be returned after the test is over.
  3. In the early stage of the Alpha test, only basic functions such as construction, upgrade and mining of the Town Hall will be opened. The following functions will be launched during the test period or the official version:
    ◈ Plunder
    ◈ Charge
    ◈ Orchard planting
    ◈ Fruit Trading
    ◈ Feed MOMO (Productivity Acceleration)
  4. After the MOMO Home Alpha test, all the progress of MOMOHome, the output of the home (EX: Orchard fruit), home building and the home building bonus effect in the MOMOverse will all be reset.
  5. See the appendix for home test rules and data.
  6. There may be occasional updates and adjustments during the alpha test.
  7. The official version maybe different for alpha test version
  8. After the official launch of the MOMOverse home, 50% of the MBOX daily reward from MOMO farmer mining camp will be moved to the home town hall.

❖ Alpha Test Phase I Test Instructions

Once the MOMOHome Alpha test phase Is officially opened, players can participate in the construction and upgrade the building level. Players can mine MBOX in home Town Hall, and participate in the prosperity leader board.

*During the testing period, the daily material buyback will be closed.

❖ Alpha Test Phase II Test Instructions

After the test Phase II is released, players can participate in looting, building charging, orchards, and orchard acceleration.

*The Phase II of the test will be announced later.

Home Civilization — Preview

◈ Tech Fantasy

◈ Barbarian Tribe

◈ Steam Punk

◈ Middle Ages

MOMOverse Phase 3 — Preview

◈ Official Launch — The Incentive Plan

More than 3,000,000 MBOX accumulated through the market fees & carfting comsumptions in the MOMOverse will be officially put into MOMOverse in the third stage.

Among them, 50% of the MBOX will be accumulated in the guild’s reward pool, 25% of the MBOX will be put into the buy-back pool for regular burn and 25% will be distributed into the MBOX ecosystem pool for MEC buyback and burn.

* The above ratio may be adjusted in the future

◈ Guild War

  1. Every player can spend MBOX to create a guild. Guild members can invite players to join the guild through social media/public channels.
  2. The guild has an exclusive guild channel, and only members of the guild can talk in the channel.
  3. Each guild has corresponding buildings for guild members to unlock extra features.
  4. MOMOverse will open an exclusive MBOX guild reward pool for all guilds.

◈ MOMOverse World and MOMOverse Land

MOMOverse will release an important version that will include “MOMOverse World” and “MOMOverse Land” in the MOBOX platform second step. MOMOverse residents and MOMOverse guilds can explore and compete for their own territory in the MOMOverse land. Each territory has independent coordinates and related buildings. MOMOverse residents and guilds can rule everything in their land. As well as design their own unique emblem and declarations to show their sovereignty.

More:MOMOverse Home Alpha test Abstract

  1. Home Mining
  2. Home Civilization
  3. Home Building classification
  4. Home Building construction
  5. Home Building upgrade
  6. Home Decorations
  7. Home Barriers

For More Details, Check Here:

Since MOBOX platform launched, MOBOX platform has always focused on Web3 game development and community development. MOBOX is committed to becoming the next epoch-making decentralized / community-driven / developer-friendly GameFi Metaverse and empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment Whilst also combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.

20 October 2022

*The Alpha test version and the official version may be different. More will be coming soon after Q4 in 2022.

Please do not use the content of this announcement as a basis for any investment.

Do your own research!




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