MOMOverse MOMOHome Alpha Test: Full Rules and Details!

Welcome to the MOHome, a place built with love, for fun & MO-dreams.

Here we have a guide & rules to MOHome, to get you started in building your very own Sweet Home in the MOMOverse.

To get started let’s start with some very important information:

Please note: This announcement is only for the MOHome economics & ecosystem. The MOHome officially launched version may have adjustments compared to this Alpha release document. Please do not use the content of this announcement as a basis for any investment.

**Do your own research**

MOHome Key Points

1. MOHome Mining

After a Town Hall has been built in your MOMOHome, you will be able to collect MBOX in your MOMOHome. MOMOHome will allocate corresponding MBOX rewards according to the MOMOHome’s prosperity in the entire MOMOverse.

Note: The daily prosperity rewards is only applicable to the Alpha Test version and will be significantly increased for the official version.

2. MOHome Civilization

The MOHome is divided into 4 civilizations: Barbarian tribe、Steam punk、Tech fantasy and Middle Ages. Players can only choose one home type. Each civilization home type building requires 6 types of materials when upgrading.

3. MOHome Building Classification

There are 8 types of buildings in MOMOverse MOHome. Build/Upgrade buildings can not only increase the prosperity of the MOHome, but also have their own unique building functions. The maximum number of each building varies.

4. MOHome Building Construction

The construction of a MOHome requires a certain number of materials. The materials required differ according to the different MOHome type and building type.

5. MOHome Building Upgrade

Upgrading MOHome buildings is the main way to increase the prosperity of your MOHome.

When upgrading a building, players need to inject the designated Materials first, which can be injected multiple times. Players will get the prosperity reward immediately when injecting the Materials.

Buildings can be upgraded only after 100% of the designated Materials have been injected. After a certain upgrade time the upgrade will be completed. Players need to claim the upgrade prosperity reward.

Barbarian tribe Lighthouse Level 1~99 building upgrade Materials request table:

For full details of the above table see:

Please Note:

5.1 Gray, green, blue, purple and orange in the table represent the five qualities of Common, uncommon, unique, Rare and Epic of Materials.

5.2 For each MOHomes type, except for the MBOX Town Hall, which requires 3X Materials per level, the upgrade consumption of all other buildings is the same.

6. MOHome Decorations

Your MOMOverse MOHome is an independent space only belonging to YOU! In addition to MOHome building, you can also design the style of the entire MOHome space as you like. With a variety of MOHome decor options to build and upgrade. You’ll be able to plan the flow & style of your entire MOHome the way you like & build on to create your own ideal MOMOverse MOHome of your dreams.

Within MOMOHome Decorations: you will find exquisite stone carvings and natural flowers and trees giving the most harmonious flow and feeling to your MOMOHome. All tied together this will bring comfort and tranquility, which you as a MOMOHome owner will love whilst you live harmoniously in the MOMOverse community.

6.1 MOMOHome decoration only affects the MOHome appearance display, and has no other special functions. A small amount ofMOHome prosperity can be received from building and upgrading MOHome decorations.

6.2 The MOMOHome decorations construction needs to consume Materials. The MOMOHome decorations upgrade needs to consume the collection and Materials.

7. MOHome Barriers

Before building: you may need to do some important & necessary preparation work — as there may be some debris on the building site, where you will potentially go to build your MOMOHome. Preparation is important as this may affect the placement and foundations of your MOMOHome& building but most importantly it’s vital for your flow, planning and architectural designs within the MOMOHome too.

Starting right with clear concise ground work is key, wouldn’t you agree?

7.1 There are initially some obstacles on the surface of the MOMOHome , and the existence of obstacles will occupy the space for placing buildings and decorations.

7.2 A small amount of MOMOHome prosperity can be obtained by removing obstacles. Once removed, the obstacles will disappear completely.

20 October 2022



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