MOMOverse — The Dawn Launch

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Dear MOBOXers,

The MOMOverse Dawn will launch at 10:00 AM UTC on April 28, 2022.

Launch Time

April 28, 2022, 10:00 AM UTC

MOMOverse : The Dawn Launch

UI Update

The MOMOverse UI has been fully upgraded. The user interface of MOMOverse official version will be concise and unified.

MOMOverse Material Buyback System

In the official version of MOMOverse, a material repurchase system will be added. Materials obtained from the crafting can be sold to repurchase NPCs to earn MBOX.

How To Use Buyback System

Players need to submit all the material in their backpack at once. Materials buyback applications submitted before the deadline on the day will receive buyback MBOX on the same day. For buyback applications submitted after the deadline of the day, the buyback MBOX will be received on the following day.

The material buyback system will be closed after the gameplayof momo home is online; the crafted materials can be retained until the home launched for building and crafting advanced items.

Applications submitted deadline(Daily): 2:00AM UTC

Repurchase MBOX distribution(Daily): 4:00 AM UTC

Combine System Update

Combine will be renamed “Craft”. Two additional crafting queues in the original crafting system will be unlocked by building the corresponding buildings in the momo home.

The initial state of the mastery lv is 0. Normal crafting that does not cost MBOX will only be unlocked when the mastery level is increased to Lv 1 using advanced crafting.

MOMOverse Login Update

MOMOverse will no longer be limited to using just the BNB wallet to log in. In the “Dawn Launch” version, you will be able to use your MOBOX account without a wallet signature. We hope this update will bring in a better user experience for all MOBOXers.

Integrate Partner NFTs

To build a truly user driven NFT ecosystem, MOBOX has designed a series of interoperable systems aimed at making NFTs truly cross platform interoperable. In the Dawn release version, it will support the NFTs of MOBOX ecological partners for the first time.

In the near future, MOMOverse will support NFTs from more ecological partners, as well as the player’s favorite NFT Collections.

Rare Items Added

The rare items have been added to the MOMOverse map. After the collection is online in the home system, it can be used to craft landscapes in front of buildings and decorations in the home, and provide a prosperity bonus.

About the “Dawn Launch”

  1. All products of MOMOverse will be permanently stored on the blockchain after the Dawn is launched. Please keep it in mind, the development content of the gameplay are “non-seasonal”.
  2. After the launch of the MOMOverse, all resources will be migrated in the form of Token or NFT in the form of MRC-20, MRC-1155, MRC-721.
  3. About MOMO Migration to the MOMOverse, Click here.

Update Notice in May

Mystery BOX Raffle Update

  1. The share of Mystery BOX “Normal Raffle” will be reduced from 2,000 to 500 per week.
  2. The MOMOs corresponding to 1500 BOXes will be transferred to MOMOverse and produced through MOMO BOXing.
  3. The number of BOX in “Super Raffle” will not be affected.

MOMO Boxing

  1. In the MOMOverse, MOMOs with different rarities (Common ~ Legendary) will appear randomly.
  2. MOBall (MOMO Ball) and Super MOBall will be listed in the market for residents to use MBOX to purchase.
  3. Each attempt to Boxing a MOMO in the MOMOverse will cost 1 MOBall.
  4. If the Boxing is successful, the resident will get the MOMO directly. If the Boxing fails, the MOMO will drop items such as “common MOMO”, “Rare MOMO Fragment”, “Epic MOMO Fragment” or “Legendary MOMO Fragment” depending on the quality of the escaped MOMO.
  5. There will be a possibility of a Legendary MOMO coming to the MOMOverse every month, which means that the resident will have the chance via Boxing to get a Legendary MOMO directly on the MOMOverse through the MOBall.
  6. Collect the specified number of MOMO Fragments, and you will be able to exchange for the MOMO of that rarity.
  7. Residents can trade MOMO Fragments in the marketplace.

MOMOverse Friends

  1. In MOMOverse, each player can add up to 30 friends, and players who are friends will be able to visit each other’s MOMO homes at any time, as well as be able to conduct collaborative events within their friends’ homes.
  2. Players who have friends can help each other shorten the time required to build and upgrade buildings in each other’s homes.
  3. Players who are friends can help the other party to charge their home buildings to gain an additional percentage of prosperity.
  4. In the home’s orchard, “water” and “deworm” fruit trees to accelerate fruit growth.

The first mini game in MOMOverse— Survive

  1. Residents can find the participating area for the “Survive” game in the Gaming Marsh area on the MOMOverse map.
  2. When participating, residents need to buy tickets, board the plane with the tickets, and arrive at the game area by plane before they can participate in the game. The final winner will receive MBOX rewards.
  3. During the game, participants have a low probability of obtaining a survival chest, and after opening it, they can obtain a limited edition Avatar survival suit (not implemented as yet).
  4. MOBOX will occasionally airdrop tickets to addresses that own veMBOX.


  1. By Hodling an Avatar you can create and start your own MOMO Home.
  2. The same building has 4 different appearances. Residents can spend MBOX for appearance replacement.
  3. Building and upgrading buildings require materials. A total of 50 materials of different qualities are required in construction.
  4. The MOMO home will produce MBOX according to the total prosperity of the building; residents can go to other MOMO homes to steal the MBOX to be produced.


  • ◇ Players can build “Orchards” in the MOMO home to produce 5 kinds of “fruits” with different bonus effects.
  • ◇ Feed your MOMO with the fruits that are mining in the camp to provide an additional percentage yield bonus, the effect is the same as veMBOX.
  • ◇ Players can set the amount of fruit to feed and the Booster multiplier.
  • ◇ After the bonus effect is over, residents need to re-feed the fruit to get the bonus, and the fruit can be traded in the market.


  1. Every player can choose to create their own Guild by consuming MBOX. Guild members and invite others to the guild.
  2. Guilds will have their own Guild Channel that only guild members can view and respond to.
  3. MOMOverse will open an exclusive MBOX prize pool for all guilds to grab.


  • MOMOverse will release a very important second phase update that includes a MOMOverse World Map and MOland gameplay where players and guilds can explore and compete for their own territory in this vast land.
  • Each territory has its own independent coordinate and related buildings. Players and guilds can govern their land by removing or appointing different players, or even upload their own unique images to mark their territory.


April 28, 2022


Total productivity & Daily Production Relationships (Feather-Leather-Ore-Pearl)

Resource Mining Productivity Table

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