MOMOverse v1.1.5 Update Announcement

Dear MOBOXers,

MOMOverse v1.1.5 will be launched on May 12, 2022, 10:00 UTC

This update includes :

  1. MOBall Pre-Launch Event
  2. MOMOverse Survivor!
  3. MOMOverse Optimizations

MOBall Pre-Launch Event

As part of this launch a new collection event will be hosted in the MOMOverse. All MOMOverse residents get the opportunity to participate. During this time while you are in the MOMOverse, Collect items on the map and gain MOBall points! — Keep your eyes peeled & Don’t miss out!

The MOBOX Team is expecting to reward a WHOPPING 1000 MOBOXers everyday!
And it doesn’t stop here — All winners have the opportunity to get MOBall rewards too!

What is a MOBall?
Having a MOBall gives you the opportunity to capture MOMOs in the MOMOverse. Users can simply click the “Boxing” button and these wild wandering MOMOs can be snatched up!- Who will Snatch & Win?, could it be you!?


Event Start: May 12, 2022, 9:00 UTC

Event End: May 19, 2022, 8:00 UTC

About Leaderboard Points

  1. Each address with an Avatar has 200 attempts to receive MOBall points on collection every day. Each collection has a chance to get points on a range of 1–500.
  2. Crafting a ‘Firework’ will allow you to receive 50 MOBall points.
  3. In this event, the points earned by Each Avatar are calculated only once on the leaderboard.
  4. If you do not have an Avatar you can obtain one, So come along and join in on the fun!

MOMOverse Survivor!

Release Date:17/05/202

Every 8 hours has 1 round in the Survivor. One new round starts every 8 hours ! There will be 3 rounds available for you to participate in the SURVIVOR Game !

What is “MOCard” ? :

The “MOCard” is an entry ticket to events in the MOMOverse. All events and games in the MOMOverse require tickets. “MOCard” can be purchased in the MOMOverse market.

“MOCard” Airdrop

MOBOX will take a snapshot of the BNB chain on May 17th, 2022, 8am (UTC)

How to get a MOCard? :
Holding 3000 or more veMBOX and having logged in to MOMOverse once with your BNB address will allow you to receive one MOCard.

For more details about MOMOverse Survivor:

MOMOverse Optimizations

  1. [Crafting] The limit of assistance fees changed from 10% to 100% when an assistance order is created.
  2. [Crafting] The cancellation process has been optimized, so that you can cancel your next assistance order at any time while you are in the process of assisting in craft order.
  3. [Crafting] The Mastery preview supports viewing the specific value of EXP required for each Mastery level, and supports displaying the Mastery level required for each material to be crafted.
  4. [Marketplace] A New “Shop” added, you can buy MOCard (event tickets) and MOBall in it, the MOMO Boxing game is expected to release next week).
  5. [Settings] Added “Player nickname display” switch in system settings.
  6. [Settings] Added game shortcut keys: ‘C’ to open the Craft interface, ‘V’ to open the Marketplace, ‘M’ to open the Map, ‘B’ to open the Backpack, ‘Enter’ to open the Chat, ‘F’ to interact with NPC.

Sneak Peek of MOMO Home


May 12, 2022




MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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