New Feature: Cryptogon is now LIVE!

Are you all ready for a NEW… FUN FILLED ChainZ Arena new gameplay?

Announcing CRYPTOGON! A new gameplay with an even playing field and massive rewards!

Will you reign Supreme?

Update May 28, 2020
1. New Gameplay: Cryptogon! Challenge users in an even playing field! Create any formation with maxed out Heroes!
2. Exchange: Orange and Red artifacts can now be traded
3. Events: Added 3 month long events
Gladiator Challenge: Cryptogon
Mr. Chainopoly: Chainopoly
Summoning God: Advanced Summons (new heroes only)
4. Added 5 new heroes — 10 Red quality and 10 Orange quality
5. New Feature: Inspiration — Consume SOUL to gain AFK bonuses
6. Perfect Rebirth price adjustment and added consuming SOUL for Perfect Rebirth
7. Wood Spirit Master Final Wish skill adjusted: Instead of 6 heroes it is now changed to random 2–6 heroes
8. Fixed Bug with search function
9. Fixed Crystal Orb Arena challenging yourself bug
10. Fixed Bug with display error for Red quality Artifacts
11. Added Sound effect settings to save in cache
12. Other minor bug fixes

New Events

The total winnings for this event are a massive $25,000 USDT + 50000 SOUL, the $25,000~ which equate to approximately 1.6 ~ million TRX, 9700~ EOS or 120 ~ ETH. As with all events held on ChainZ Arena you will receive any winnings in your factions currency.

Total of 3 events, ending in 30 days!

Events explained in more detail as follows:

  1. Summoning God
Summoning God

The top 20 Players with the most Summoning points will receive winnings in their faction currency plus share in winnings of 20,000 SOUL.

Summoning points are awarded only through Advanced Summoning or Replacements. This is only applicable for new Heroes. New Heroes include Valkyrie, Butterflyness, Herbert, Iron Head, Blood Witch. Each orange quality gives you 1 point and each red quality gives you 4 points.

2. Gladiator Challenge

Gladiator Challenge

The Gladiator Challenge: Players will have the option to form a team using the highest level heroes available in the Gladiator Challenge. Two players will then have a battle. The top 20 players with the longest winning streak in Cryptogon will receive winnings in their faction currency plus share in winnings of 20,000 SOUL, as per the photo above.

3. Chainopoly Event

The Chainopoly Event is all bout who can get the highest multiplier on the board. The prizes on this event are also paid out into your factions currency and winners share 10,000 SOUL in rewards.

Only the top 20 players will receive the rewards!

So you better get rolling as prizes are HUGGGGGGGEEE!!!!

New Feature: Cryptogon

Cryptogon is a new feature on ChainZ Arena and is here to stay!

  • Players can choose any Red quality heroes with max stats when participating in the Cryptogon
  • Each Cryptogon can only be challenged once.
  • Cryptogons can be created using SOUL or any of the 3 cryptocurrencies. When challenging a SOUL Cryptogon, only SOUL can be used.
  • SOUL Cryptogon Victory rewards = 90% SOUL with the other 10% being burned.
  • When playing cryptocurrency Cryptogons a random reward will be shown with multiples of 1.5X, 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X. When playing a Cryptogon with 1.5X or 2X rewards, the loser of the match will receive SOUL
  • At the end of the match, the challenger will receive their rewards, and defender will receive rewards through in-game mail.
  • When playing Cryptogon, the Cryptogon pool will accumulate cryptocurrency. When the pool reaches 100ETH, 50% will be taken out and distributed: 30% platform, 10% current round SOULdrops, 60% Total SOULdrops
  • Each player can only create 5 Cryptogons at a time.
  • Formation Rules: Max Warriors x 2 and Max Priests x 2.
  • Cryptogon specific rule : After 20 rounds, the champion with the most heroes wins. If the number of champions remaining is the same, the defending champion wins.

How to join or find the Cryptogon?

The Cryptogon will be located in the “Arena” section. You will be able to pick your team from all the cards available on ChainZ Arena , but remember the Formation Rules: Max Warriors x 2 and Max Priests x 2

You will also be able to see your challenges in the view below

Players can either create their own Cryptogon (requires cryptocurrency) or challenge an already created Cryptogon (requires cryptocurrency). The “creator” will always be the defender, while the “challenger” will always be the attacker.

Once you challenge a Cryptogon, random numbers will appear below. The winner of the Cryptogon will win whatever amount is displayed (see below). The numbers displayed will be a multiple (1.5X/2X/3X/5X/50X) of the amount a single player uses to enter the Cryptogon.

New Heroes launched

With Todays event we have also launched new HEROES as well!

So let’s introduce them and go over them from left to right.

Iron Head Don’t let this short statured pegged legged hero full you! He is a tough armed up, metal head of power fully loaded and set up to fight any combat.

Herbert (Named by Community): Wise and courageous he swoops the battlefield for his prey, the conjurer of the sky and super strength of the ground. Ready to conquer and strike.

Valkyrie Brave, competitive and completely unpredictable this warrior will pounce and attack any enemy she faces with her ferocious tiger defending their territory.

Butterflyness She may be a poised priestess, but she is prepared for any powerful encounter that she is challenged with. Let her mystical strength empower your line up of heroes

Blood Witch Ruby red, bloody thirsty and fierce! This vixen will slay her way to victory.

Thank you for being part of the ChainZ Arena Community and for taking part in this CRYPTOGON!

Now Battle up and get ready to WIN!

Note: All details provided were true and correct at time of writing this article.

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