PancakeSwap Migration Vote Update


Dear MOBOXers,

As most of you know PancakeSwap is set to have a vote on a new fee structure for PCS LPs. Due to this, they will be upgrading their Smart Contracts + Farms and will stop giving out CAKE rewards for the current pools.

❓When will the migration start?

✅The Pancake Migration will start on Friday, April 23rd @ 5:00 UTC.

❓What will happen?

✅The PancakeSwap functions are directly integrated into the MOBOX platform. Therefore, the old LPs you have staked in the MOBOX Pools will no longer farm CAKE Tokens.

MBOX-BNB LP POOL will not be effected🥊 including any single token farming like BNB, BUSD, USDT etc etc.

🤑We got you covered!💪

On April 23rd @ 12:00 UTC

✅We are working closely with the Pancake Team and will update the platform with a simple process where you can swap your current Pancake LPs for the new Pancake LPs and stake them in the new MOBOX pools right on the MOBOX platform.

⭐️few easy steps!
1. Withdraw LP from V1 MOBOX Pools
2. Remove Liquidity from V1 PancakeSwap
3. Add Liquidity to V2 PancakeSwap
4. Stake LP to V2 MOBOX Pools


💢Since this is a big migration on Pancake Swap that has never been done before, there might be price fluctuations. DYOR at all times!
💢For more information on the Pancake Migration :

✅Team MOBOX will be deploying new pools to support Pancake V2 farming.

❓So whats going to happen before the new pools are launched?

✅Of course your funds are SAFU and you will NOT lose your LP tokens. The only difference is before the new pools are updated the current LP tokens will not be mining CAKE for a very short period of time.

❓How about KEYs?

✅Your LPs will continue to mine KEYs and you can continue to unlock your lovely MOMO NFTs : )

✅Once the new pools are launched, the old pools will no longer be able to mine KEYs.

✅To continue to mine KEYs you will need to migrate to the new pools.

❓🤬Its not our fault we have to withdraw, how are we going to get compensated for the withdrawal fee?

😤Unfortunately, we cannot remove the withdrawal fee, but don’t forget that it also goes into the MBOX buyback and burn pool.

But we know this is unfair, so we decided to do more.

✅On Friday, April 23rd @ 5:00 UTC we will take a snapshot of all deposits in the old pools.

✅On Sunday, April 25th a total of 🔑3000 KEYs🔑 will be airdropped to 🥊MOBOXers🥊 according to how much each user migrated LPs from old pools to new pools.

✅Rough estimate, every 10,000 USD migrated will receive 0.18 KEYs🔑

YES we said KEYs!🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

So just sit back with your MOMOs and let team MOBOX do the rest!💪

As always Save, Earn, and Play @



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