3 min readJun 10, 2021


🥞 Put your Pancake Collectibles NFTs to Work!

1. Pancake collectible NFTs can now be used across all MOBOX Games.

2. They do no need to be unstaked! We made it easy for you!

3. This shows true interoperability where the Pancake NFTs can be used in the MOBOX games giving it even more value and at the same time still have your Pancake Profile and enter team battles.

How awesome is that!

To join the MOBOX platform with your delicious Pancake collectible NFTs follow these simple steps!

✅Head over to (follow below steps if you are on a desktop)

✅Pick a unique username enter your email and click on verification code, wait to receive the verification code in your email ( also be sure to check your spam/junk email folder) and click NEXT.

✅Bind your wallet address that contains your Pancake Collectible NFT.

Once you have clicked on “Bind MOMO Farmer address” another pop up will come up ( as shown below)

✅Now simply tap on the MOMO TOKEN MASTER Game & all your sweet pancakelicious NFTs will be there.

🎥 Want to watch a video of the above in action? Click HERE 🎥

Registering via MOBOX mobile App:

☑️The Android APK Can be downloaded directly from our Website, or via this LINK (Google store app is currently not the latest version, hence please download APK from the website).
☑️For iOS users, the MOBOX wallet can be found directly on the App Store or downloaded via the following LINK.

Once you have downloaded the MOBOX wallet and set it up with the 12-word backup phrase, you can now import your private key from another wallet that you own.
Once you have done that stage simple follow the below process.

Go to -> ME -> Login-> Sign up Now -> Register with your E-mail

Now that you have registered, simple head over to User info as shown below Then Bind MOMO/Pancake Address pick your BSC address and then click confirm.

You are now ready to tackle the MOMO Token Master game, it’s great fun and let’s not forget you can earn MBOX tokens through the game with your delicious NFTs!




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