Ready to Explore Dragonverse Neo? A Step-by-Step Tutorial

4 min readJan 2, 2024

Dear MOBOXers,

Welcome to Dragonverse Neo, the first-ever co-created & co-governed 3D open world. We’re thrilled to launch the alpha test today for core contributors, follow this guide to start your exploration journey!

Alpha Test is Live: immerse yourself into the aesthetic wonderland.

Governance Page is Live: Start voting immediately to make your impact! Dragonverse Neo is a game that reflects the will of the community.

What Do You Need

◻️A Windows PC

◻️The Dragonkey (6-digit code) to access the game

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1. Download and Install

Dragonverse Neo is published on the game launcher (PGE) powered by our strategic partner Project Twelve (P12).

  1. Download the Game Launcher:
  2. Install the exe file and launch it from your desktop
  3. Click on “Log in by wallet” and sign in on the webpage

Step 2. Customize your Avatar

You can skip this step and come back to it later. The character will represent you in the game. You can customize your gender, appearance, hairstyle, outfit, and choose from different art styles including Anime, Low Poly, and Cartoon. We recommend selecting the Anime art style to align more with Dragonverse Neo’s world!

Step 3. Enter the Game

Click on the Dragonvere Neo banner to enter the game. The game supports a multiplayer room mode, allowing up to 80 people to be online at the same time. Gather your friends, join a room, and set off on your journey together!

Game Controls:

◻️WASD: Moving forward, backward, left, and right

◻️Spacebar: Jumping

◻️Left-click and hold the mouse button to adjust your viewpoint and movement direction

◻️Press X to Catch the MODragon

◻️Press G to Fly (Upcoming)

Step 4. Verify Your Dragonkey

Upon entering the game, you will first arrive at the Newbie Villa. Find an NPC nearby (hint: Christmas🎄), start a conversation with her, and verify your Dragonkey to unlock the game map beyond!

Step 5. Begin Your Free Exploration!

As an open-world game, Dragonverse Neo breaks the status quo game-play. You can freely explore the world and interact with various NPCs to trigger storylines and challenges. There are some mini-games hidden within the map of Dragonverse Neo. Find the corresponding NPCs and start a conversation with them to trigger these challenges. Accomplishing each mini-games rewards you with a MODragon Companion, and after completing all of them, you’ll receive a mystery prize as well!

Step 6. Burn $MBOX to Co-Create: Explore the Game Engine (Upcoming🔥)

MOBOX is building a co-creation ecosystem where every player has the opportunity to make changes to the game by burning $MBOX. The game engine adopted by MOBOX supports a graphical user interface that allows users to easily contribute content to the game. No coding or modeling skills required.

Co-Governance: Start Voting Immediately to Make Your Impact

Dragonverse Neo is a game that reflects the will of the community. MOBOX’s upgraded game engine enables rapid development, making it possible to swiftly implement community-approved proposals. This empowers MOBOXers to actively co-govern various aspects of the game.

The Governance Homepage is now live. It serves as the birthplace of new proposals, providing a platform for MOBOXers to express their opinions on various aspects of MOBOX and make an impact. There are currently two proposals awaiting your choice:

Proposal 1: New Content Release

The proposal suggests unlocking two additional mini-games: 1) Light & Shadow; 2) Dash of Dawn.

Proposal 2: Default BGM Options

Currently, Dragonverse Neo Alpha does not have a default BGM (background music). The determination of our Main BGM soundtrack options will be up to our fellow MOBOXers to decide.

Proposal 3: In-game Chat Rooms

This proposal suggests Mobox to develop and release In-game Chat Rooms feature, connecting groups of players via room chat!

Governance Page

Explore, create and immerse.



January 2nd, 2024




Explore the Co-created & Co-governed Open World with MOBOX!