Dear Champions
Since the launch of ChainZ Arena we have so far released over a whopping 20 updates! How Awesome is that?! It is safe to say we have all as one FANTASTIC community started this journey together, yet the journey has only just begun. Our goal is not only just ChainZ Arena, but rather a whole ecosystem where users can enjoy Team MOBOX developed dApps and more. We are very grateful that all of you have stuck with us no matter how bumpy the ride has been and for that we would like to say thank you!

We as a team have been studying DeFi for the last several months and have been exploring different ways to create the first ever fun and exciting DeFi Platform!! We are now ready to take the first step forward together as SOUL hodlers.

Through the voting system, As a community we will vote on whether or not to Stake 50% of the current 13,400,000 TRX (6,700,000 TRX) in the SOUL drops pool into to mine SUN tokens. If over 50% of SOUL votes YES, we will immediately begin the staking as soon as the vote countdown ends. 100% of SUN tokens mined will be distributed to SOUL token hodlers. The TRX staked will be returned to the pool on Sept 16th (when SUN Genesis mining ends).

• All wallet address’ for staking will be made public.
• Only frozen SOUL can take part in voting.
• Each account can only vote once.
• SOUL used to vote will not be burned.
• Only 50% will be used to gain SUN Tokens for SOUL hodlers to ensure that SOUL hodlers continue to receive their SOULdrops. Given this, all SOULdrops will be as usual till Sept 16th.

Team MOBOX will release the DAO token BPO on October 15th (please don’t ask why it’s called BPO, it will all be clear on the 15th of October). ChainZ Arena Players will be the first to receive BPO DAO tokens. We plan to distribute BPO tokens between October 15th, 2020 — January 15th, 2021. Each week a limited amount of BPO tokens will be distributed to Frozen SOUL hodlers.

BPO tokens will be future Governance token for the MOBOX ecosystem. BPO tokens hodlers will receive special perks such as mining bonuses, voting rights, other modes of earning and much more. Details surrounding BPO tokens will be released in steps, including a thorough explanation in our Team MOBOX Whitepaper (TBA).

We look forward to taking this next amazing journey with you all!
Thank you




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