Across the depths of The Great Soul Ocean lies a lush evergreen island, it is a Champions paradise! Filled with Adventure & great opportunities…

Introducing Soul Island & SOUL ISLAND ROYALE!

How To Enter Soul Island:

To get into the SOUL Island Royale, select the “Faction tab” and then select
Soul Island Royale”.
Here you will be able to dispatch your Orange/Gold/Red Heroes to gain SOUL from your own SOUL island pool.

SOUL Island In Depth:

Note: You can read the full rule details about SOUL Island Royale, by simply clicking the “?”and the full details about Soul Island Royale will appear (as shown above).

Hero Dispatch:

As you can see in the above image in the “info” section the higher the quality of hero you dispatch the more SOUL that will go into your SOUL mining pool.

Lets refer to the first image on the left, here you select the amount of heroes you would like to dispatch, you can add them individually or click on the “Add-All” button and then click Dispatch.
**Remember any HEROES you dispatch will not be returned to you.
Also Heroes can not be used in defense such as in the “arena” the hero will need to be taken out of formation so you can dispatch it.**

Now referring to the second image above; After you have clicked dispatch you will then see another pop up come up which will confirm how many heroes your dispatching including the EXP and amount of SOUL you will receive in your treasure chest and the soul island pool.

(PLEASE NOTE: the treasure Chest will be in a future update to be announced, so we wont get into that too much for now. However the third image is a sneak peak!)

Referring to the above photo, you can find your total amount of SOUL you have in your mining pool, the current hourly SOUL mining rate and the claim button.
The mined soul gets dispatched every HOUR.
NOTE: If you don’t claim your SOUL rewards after 8 hours, your mining of SOUL will temporarily stop. Depending on how many Heroes you have dispatched and your EXP level also the mining rate will change.


Soul Island has a reset Countdown as you can see on top of all the images. This timer will reset every 7 days.
Also every 7 Days the system will reset the SOUL island level based on the total amount of mineable SOUL in your Soul Island Pool.

After 7 days your SOUL Island mining rate will reset based on how many SOUL you have left in your SOUL mining pool (see table below)**

For your reference, also see the image below, here you can see the Soul island level, EXP and SOUL mining rate:

So in summary this is SOUL Island & SOUL Island Royale!

Are you READY to explore the adventures that lie within?

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