Team Alliance LODA NFT Treasure Hunt!🕵️

3 min readJul 29, 2021


As previously announced MOBOX has teamed up with Team Alliance & Loda for a Legendary experience!

👉 If you are not already familiar with Loda and Team Alliance. Team Alliance is a world renowned Esports gaming organization and is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports. 🎮

🤝With this epic team up we have not only joined forces to create an awesome event but we are also bringing you a Treasure Hunt for a chance to win your very own Legendary Loda MOMO NFT! 🤯

➡️ Now… MOBOXers are you ready to go on a treasure hunt?🔍

Well HERE it is…..💥 💥 💥

🔍The Hunt Is On FIND A CODE-A WIN A LODA! 🕵️Treasure Hunt!

There are loads of prizes to be given away, but none more exciting then the “Loda Legendary” MOMO NFT! 🤯

⭐️As part of this treasure hunt there will also 500 Keys given away to users.

⭐️There will be a random draw to determine the winner of the “Legendary LODA NFT”.
Note: This will not be done on a first come first served basis.

⭐️The draw will happen on the 3rd of AUGUST 2021.

⭐️If you have been lucky enough to win 1 of the 500 Keys they will be sent to your wallet address that you have registered with ( more on this below)

So how do you participate in this treasure hunt?

We have made this nice and simple.

So here it is:

⭐️We have stashed a “secret word” on the MOBOX Binance NFT Mystery Box Page

⭐️All you need to do is find that “ secret word”
and head over to 👇


⭐️Once you are on the Treasure Hunt Page, its as simple as clicking on Enter now.

⭐️From here either log in or register for a MOBOX account ( if you do not have one).

Note:If you haven't already bound your address it needs to be done before hand.

Need more info. on how to do this?
Not a problem! We have an article released previously on how to bind your address, which you can find HERE.

⭐️The next step is to enter the secret word that you have found on the MOBOX Mystery Box, Binance NFT Market place. If your address has been bound in the User Center, then it will already appear below. 👇

⭐️ If you have entered the correct secret word you will receive a popup like the one shown below. The winner of the Legendary LODA MOMO NFT will be announced on the 3rd of August 2021. 👇

⭐️If you have entered the wrong code❌ you will receive a pop up like the one below. 👇

⭐️ Have another go 👉 You can click on “Try Again” or click on “Treasure Hunt” to look for the secret word again! 🙌

That’s it for now folks!

Good Luck to all participants !

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