The Guide to ChainZ Arena

This page is a guide to all things ChainZ Arena and your One Stop Shop!

Once you have finalized your registration and then when you enter the playing Arena at you will see the following screen: The below image is the Town Hall and this is where all the fun starts.

The Town Hall

The Top left corner is your Avatar Corner. Here you can do various things such as changing your characters name, image, switch the game sound effects off/on and change the language interface of ChainZ Arena.

Underneath the Avatar Icon in Town Hall you have the mail function as seen in the image below.

The Mail system is located in the Town Hall under your profile picture, mail with items are stored for 30 days before they are auto-deleted, while mail without items are stored for 7 days only, then they are auto-deleted.
You can use the button CLAIM ALL to open and claim all mail with the attached items, and the button DELETE ALL will delete all your mail and clear your inbox.
“Deleted mail can not be recovered.

The next Section is the “ Notice” board. While we do all our announcements on social media not all players are on those platforms.

Please check the noticeboard daily to get any updates about the team from ChainZ Arena.

Notice section

Next is the all important Leaderboard section. The Leaderboard prizes are given out every 48 hours (please note there might not be Leaderboard events all the time), after the countdown is complete you will need to claim your Leaderboard winnings from the “Mail” section (explained above)


As seen in the above image the Leaderboard is updated in real time. Some important information about this is that the Leaderboard is based on the “battle power of your formation”.

Following up is the all important section of “SOUL Drops”!

Soul Drops

In this section you find the current SOUL drops status. You will be able to see the current amount of crypto currency in each of the 3 pools Ethereum, Eos and Tron. It will also show you the amount of SOUL coins you currently have frozen and the amount of SOUL coins you can freeze. You SOUL coins need to be frozen in order to receive the daily drops which are every 24 hours.

To expand on this: 20% of every cryptocurrency consumed goes into the current souldrops pool , 50% goes into the total souldrops pool, after each souldrop 10% is taken from the total souldrops pool to be the base of the current souldrops pool..

Another important this to mention is that you must login once every 24 hours into ChainZ Arena to be counted in as an active player. The SOUL drops of players that are not active in the 24 hour window will simply go back into the pool for the active players to share.

To claim your daily SOUL drops you need to do this manually and the funds will be transferred to your in-Game wallet from which you will be able to disperse your funds to your own wallet/wallets.

Here is some important information about SOUL:

  • The maximum supply of the SOUL token is 999,999,999 or simply put that is nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.
  • Each SOUL drop cycle is 24 hours and drops need to be collected manually.

Soul can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Each Advanced Summoning will be rewarding players with 1.8 SOUL this is for each card. Therefore if you open 10 cards that will be 18 SOUL.
  • Hero Market, every 10 HERO Tokens spent will mine 0.3SOUL (Only for in-game items)
  • Mining Hammer you can purchase the mining hammer on hourly basis: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours, all mining SOUL while AFK (away from keyboard)

In the Next section we will be covering the “MY WALLET”

(found in Town Hall)

In Game Wallet — Found in Town Hall

This is the in game wallet in which you will be able to deposit and withdraw from the 3 currencies Ethereum, EOS and TRON. This will also show you the history of your deposits. This in game wallet will also connect with your other wallets such as Mathwallet, Tronlink and Wombat. You can deposit in multiple currencies, however you will be playing under the blockchain that you have chosen at the time of sign up.

If you would like to deposit click on 1, 2 or 3 as shown below, a new page will pop up enter how much you would like to deposit and click ok.

After you click OK, the wallet that you use ie, Metamask will have a popup check the amount and submit. Then wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain and your funds will be displayed in your in-game wallet!

For Withdrawal of your cyrptocurrency click on the withdrawal symbol

You will then get a new page that will pop up as shown below (we recommend withdrawing to your own wallet rather then to a wallet at an exchange)

You will need to fill out the information, and enter the wallet password.
If you have not set your wallet password, you can do so from the town hall and then clicking the top left hand corner icon as shown below. Also remember there is a daily maximum limit as to what you can withdraw, which is shown in the above picture as the maximum. This resets after SOULdrops daily.

The wallet password is different to the password you login to the game with. You will need this password to withdraw your funds!

The Exchange: Here you will be able to buy and trade your Heroes. Each hero is NFT that can be traded between the players (5 star and above).

Exchange — Found in the Town Hall

In the exchange section only the heroes that are 5 stars or higher can be traded. If you upgrade your heroes from 4 stars to 5 stars these will not be tradeable.

If your heroe is being used in battle you may get an error like the one below “ Hero is being used”

To overcome the above issue you will need to remove the Hero from all your battle lineups.

The battle lineups include:

  • General Battle line up
  • Arena
  • Arena Defensive line up
  • Crystal Orb Arena
  • And Faction Wars

Please view the images on the left and below for further clarification on where to find these locations.

Equipment Forging: What is the Forge and what is it used for?

Forge — Found in Town Hall

All your heroes can be equipped with items that will increase their status. You will earn these items from clearing Levels. AFKing easy levels will give you common items and harder levels will give you higher tier items. Forging allows you to forge 3 equal levels items into 1 higher-level item.
The game has a total of 5 Tier items, making a total of 16 Level items.

You can forge the following:

Sword,Armour, Shoe and Ring

Summon Circle: In this section is is where magic starts to form.

Summoning — Found in Town Hall

In the summoning section you will have a few options. On the left side you will have the “Free Summons” and on the right you can use the “Advanced Summons”. You can either Summon 1 or 10 players at once.

Once you have stored your summoned players they will be shown in the Heroes section in the Town Hall.

Altar: Once you enter the Altar you will be able to control your summoned army and there are 3 functions in the Altar.

Decompose — Found in Altar

The above photo shows the “Decompose” function. Decomposing heroes allows you to exchange unwanted heroes for Dragon Coins, Dragon coins are used along with Gold coins to level heroes.

The next function as shown below is the Rebirth.

Rebirth allows you to reset a heroes level to 0 without losing the Hero, unlike Decompose. You can have a Normal Rebirth for free, but you will receive only 50% of the materials spent on the hero. A Perfect Rebirth will return 100% of material spent to upgrade a hero, but players will be required to pay a rebirth fee in one of the faction’s currencies.

Rebirth — Found in Altar

The next section of the Altar is the Restoration.

Restoration — Found in Altar

Restoration allows you to “De-Evolve” a hero, receiving back your heroes cards used for evolving it and some of the material cards used during evolving.

It will also give you back 50% of the materials spent on the hero during the upgrade.

Chainopoly: This is a new fun element we have added. It is our spin on the popular game played in many households around the world.

Chainopoly — Found in Town Hall

In Chainopoly you will be able to play with all 3 cryptocurrencies.

The HERO tokens you earn in Chainopoly can be used in the HERO Market, as seen in the bottom right corner.

Above you can see some of the items available from the HERO market and their amount in HERO tokens.

Heroes: This section allows you to see the heroes you have gained through summoning and also allows you to upgrade your heroes and take your game to the next level!

The default maximum is 500 heroes that you can store. If you would like to store more than 500 you can simply click the “+” button in the top right corner & purchase more spots for your Heroes. Each purchase will increase your inventory by 50 spots. The maximum available spots are 1000.

There are 4 types of Heroes, Fire, Water, Wood and Earth.

They are also classified into 5 different classes.

Which are the following: Assassin, Ranger, Mage, Priest and Warrior.

Heroes and Quick Upgrade Section

While you are in the Heroes section, you can press “Quick Upgrade” & upgrade your Heroes from 3 to 4 stars and also 4 to 5 stars.

You can also upgrade your current heroes as well and make them into a formidable force!

Step 1–2–3 “How to Upgrade your Hero”

If you click on your Heroes avatar you can carry out the upgrade of the hero.

Step 1 is as shown in the above image, is to upgrade the armour.

Step 2 upgrades the heroes skills.

step 3 is to upgrade the heroes Star levels.

Battle: This is the section where you get to show off your Heroes in the ChainZ Arena and battle your way through the BOSS!

If you click on the Map (step1) it will show you, your current level. Each level has 30 small levels and there are 36 levels in total.

The Treasure chest ( step 2) you will be able to claim all your rewards that you have won during the battle. Also rewards that you have gained during AFK (Away from Keyboard) will be displayed here.

The Lucky Chest you can see on the right is only applicable to the players who have purchased the “Mining Hammer”.

Those who purchase mining hammers have a chance to receive one of three levels of treasure chests at random. These will include Gold and Spirit Summon Scrolls.

The Mine Hammer (as shown below) can be purchased. All mining hammers last for the following durations: 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours and 12 Hours.

Mining Hammer

Hammers are a mining boost to boost your luck while you are AFK for a certain period, AFK with a hammer gives you a % to obtain a chest.
All hammers boost the same % but the price is different from hammer to hammer depending on its boost period. You can also purchase 2 mining hammers at once.

Now for the Challenge!

Simply click “Challenge” choose your strongest formation from the list of heroes as seen below.

You can remove a hero from your line up by simply clicking on them and then clicking on a new hero from the bottom of the slide to pick them instead.

In addition to line ups there is also an “AURA” which is used to give your team a boost:

There are 6 Auras & they can give your team the following boosts.

6 types of Aura available and its strengths

Once you are happy with your line up, simply click “Confirm”

and the battle will begin!

Screenshot during battle shown, and Victory screen after battle Won!

If you are lucky to win in your battle a large Victory sign will be shown at the end of the battle and it will also display what you have won during the battle.

There will be time you may fail a level.

However there are many things you can do to better your chances of victory and a lot of it comes down to the heroes you have, their power but also your strategy and the way you have assembled your heroes.

Arena: The Arena is all about challenging others in a PVP game.

The ranking in the Arena is ranked based on to the number of trophies an individual obtains. The more you challenge other players and win the more you gain. However if you lose battles you will lose some of your trophies.

Arena — PVP battle

Some key points to take away from Arena:

  • The maximum number of attempts in the Arena is 12. Each time you challenge a player 1 battle attempt will be consumed.
  • When the number of attempts is less than 12, an attempt will be replenished every 1 hour.
  • Each Arena season lasts for 48 hours. At the end of each season ranking rewards will be distributed through in-game mail, which you can then collect.
  • At the beginning of a new season, all player trophies will be reset to 600.
  • Important! At the end of the season, if the player has not been online for more than 24 hours, the player will be disqualified.

In Arena there is the attacking line up and also a defensive line up.

Once you are ready to battle others, simply click on matching and pick an opponent (as shown above) and select your team formation. As seen in above on the top left corner in the “Choose Opponent” section you will see how many attempts you have left out of 12. If you want to see your battle, record and see a preview by simply clicking on “Battle Record”.

Remember the Defensive line up in the Arena, is all about defense! So focus more on placing a field of heroes that are more defensively minded then attack minded. If the challenger does not beat you within 20 rounds you will be declared the winner!

We will cover more on all things ChainZ Arena.

So stay Tuned & Thank You for reading!



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