The Number One BSC Game, Now On Binance NFT Marketplace

⭐️MOBOX From The Beginnings⭐️

Since launched just over 3 months ago, MOBOX has been the number 1 Gaming / NFT project on Binance Smart Chain. It is Safe to say from these results MOBOX is not just another whitepaper that promises to deliver.
We promise and we deliver!

🎮More Then Just Games 🎮

Here at MOBOX we have been working endlessly behind the scenes to bring you the many already released and on going updates to the MOBOX platform. Inclusive of this we have also successfully created/released Games such as the already launched “Momo Token Master” our second NFT game is just around the corner “ Momo Block Brawler”! With MOMO Token Master already proving to be extremely popular within the community, we hope that you will also enjoy playing MOMO Block Brawler just as much as we enjoyed developing it.

🔝An Innovative Approach🔝

While the MOBOX team has been developing and working on upgrades to the platform, games and so forth we have also been taking many steps forward with an innovative approach to the NFT Gaming Space.
With this being said, thus far we have brought in NFT lending via smart contracts, which was a first in the industry! As part of this approach we have created even more utility for NFTs by collaborating with some of our partners, such as PancakeSwap 🥞 & ApeSwap🐵.
Creating a real true interoperability between platforms.

Users who own NFTs on the above respective platforms can use those NFTs in any NFT games that are on the MOBOX platform. This gives the NFTs across the BSC platform even more utility and our users more choice on what NFTs they will use to play the games on the MOBOX platform at their own convenience.

MOBOX & Binance NFT Marketplace

As announced recently, MOBOX will launch its mystery boxes on the Binance NFT Marketplace , there is only 3 more days to go!

woohoo! bring on the 29th July 🙌
There will be a total of 25,000 Boxes available on the marketplace, with a price of $20 for each Mystery BOX.📦

You will require a Binance account to be able to buy the MOBOX Mystery Boxes.

If you‘re new to Binance, you can get started in 4 quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Register Binance Account

Step 2: Complete verification

Step 3: Deposit or buy crypto

Step 4: Trade NFTs on Binance NFT Marketplace

The important thing to remember is Step 4 as this is the last step and the step that will guide you on exactly how to purchase the MOBOX mystery boxes.

*Note: Please be mindful while all the NFTs that you unlock on the Binance NFT Marketplace will be usable on the MOBOX platform. You will not be able to withdraw them to your wallets straight away. Binance is still in the process of enabling NFT withdraws from the marketplace.

➡️ We cannot wait for this launch & collaboration with Binance NFT to knock the socks off the NFT world as we know it! 🤯

Now One Question Remains Are You Ready To Unlock Some Mystery Boxes this Thursday?🙌

Play, Save & Earn on




MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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