Starting April 6th, team MOBOX will be holding the ULTIMATE COLLECT, BURN, AND WIN MBOX EVENT! The event will last for 4 weeks where all MOBOXers can join in on the fun. Team MOBOX expects to burn roughly 56,000,000 per week, with a total of ~224,000,000 MBOX to be burned. The MBOX that will be burned comes from the 1st year amount that was not distributed. This amount is equivalent to roughly 60% of the total planned distribution for the 1st year.

Event Details

During the event, 56,000,000 MBOX items will be distributed throughout the the MOMOverse map. Players will be able to collect these unique items by simply tapping on them. There will be a total of 5 different quality of items for users to collect. The higher the quality of items collected the more points that will be rewarded.


There will be two separate leaderboards during the event : Daily leaderboard and Total leaderboard. Enter the top 10 of either leaderboard to win rewards. Every MOBOXer will have an opportunity to participate!


Only MOBOXers can participate (you must own a MOBOX NFT Avatar to be a MOBOXer) The players can collect points 200 times a day. The number of points obtained is related to the quality of the collected items.

First time accessing MOBOX?


Every Friday during the event duration team MOBOX will burn all MBOX tokens collected by MOBOXers, and will announce the results across all social media channels.


The daily distribution of MBOX in the MBOX/BNB LP pool will stay the same for the time being. As mentioned in previous posts, starting on April 6th we will introduce five new mining pools in addition to the MOMO farmer pool. These pools will be located in the MOMOverse and will include feather, pearl, leather, spar, and gold pools. With these new pools, the original MOMO farmer pool will be will have its distribution halved from 200,000 MBOX to 100,000 MBOX.

The MOMOverse mining pool distributions will be announced when Alpha test goes live.

MOBOX — Unboxing the MOMOVERSE — Anniversary EVENT !

Beginning on April 6th 2:00 AM UTC

The Anniversary event will start on April 6th 2:00 AM UTC. Players can earn MOMO points for completing daily tasks. MOMO points can be used to redeem MBOX and MEC rewards. When enough MOMO points are earned, players can obtain a MOBOX anniversary treasure chest.

The treasure chest will include one of the following:

✅Various Level 1 Gems
✅Rare Mystery BOX
✅Legendary Mystery BOX


The long awaited MOMOverse Alpha Test will begin on April 6th 8:00AM UTC and end on April 13th. All users can access the MOMOverse through the main page on and through the mobile app.

uring the Alpha Test users can collect gold, feather, leather, spar, and pearl. These resources can be synthesized into higher quality materials. Different grades and quality materials will have different MBOX values.

MBOX will be airdropped to users at the end of the event according to the value of the synthesized materials. The materials will be burned at the end of the Alpha Test.

⭐️Synthesize and WIN!⭐️

During the event, additional points will be rewarded for synthesizing different materials. Players will be ranked on the leaderboard according to total points accumulated.

The revolutionary MOmarketplace will be opened during the Alpha Test. Using the MOmarketplace will require real MBOX tokens which will NOT be returned after the Alpha Test.

Rewards will be distributed according to your ranking at the end of the event.

⭐️Collect and Conquer⭐️

During the Alpha Test, dozens of materials will randomly appear across the MOMOverse for players to discover and collect. Collect as many materials as possible and get placed on the leaderboard for additional rewards. There will be a daily leaderboard and a total leaderboard with corresponding rewards. Rank in the top 100 to win rewards.

Only players who OWN a MOBOX Avatar will be able to take part in this event.

Each material collected will be worth different points.

The players can collect points 200 times a day.

Alpha Test Info

Players must use a decentralized wallet to connect to the MOMOverse.

Players who own a MOBOX avatar will have bonus features.

MBOX used for transactions during the Alpha Test will not be returned.

After the Alpha Test, the collected resources and materials that have not been exchanged for MBOX will be burned.

See you all in the MOMOverse!




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