Unveiling the Enchanted Realm of MOBOX 2.0

20 min readMar 24, 2023

As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the mystical MOBOX gaming platform, we embark on a journey through time, reminiscing about the magical achievements and milestones that have materialized within our ever-growing kingdom. This enchanting tale could not have been written without the steadfast dedication of the MOBOX community and our valiant team. With hearts full of gratitude, we reminisce about our past while boldly setting forth our grand vision for the upcoming year.

Two years ago, the MOBOX gaming platform emerged from the shadows and set foot on the Binance Smart Chain. Since then, we have traversed the path from obscurity to fame, now entering a realm of rapid development as we tirelessly enhance our platform and games. Our flourishing MOBOX ecosystem has evolved from humble beginnings to a vast, interconnected matrix teeming with depth and intrigue, boasting a trove of remarkable achievements. Among these treasures are 3.6 million unique wallets, a total value locked (TVL) of up to 440 million US dollars, over 2 million NFTs conjured, and a staggering 400,000,000 BUSD in NFT trading volume.

For the MOBOX team, this moment holds a special magic. Since 2018, we have successfully launched a multitude of influential game products in the Web3 realm. With the inception of the MOBOX platform, we have spent five enchanting years immersed in the Web3 domain. Bolstered by a steadfast team, abundant industry experience, and a relentless, can-do spirit, we have marched valiantly toward our goals. This unwavering commitment has ensured the absence of any major security breaches within our platform. Presently, we eagerly seek to collaborate with exceptional Web3 builders to further manifest the MOBOX vision and mission.

Check out what we achieved in 2022! “MOBOX 2022 Annual Summary” and join us in celebrating our 2nd anniversary as we continue to weave the spellbinding tale of the enchanted MOBOX 2.0 realm.


❖ MOBOX cross-chain deployment
❖ New NFT series — Dragon
❖ MOBOX World
❖ MOMOverse
❖ MOBOX Avatar 2.0
❖ MOBOX game release plan
❖ MOBOX world
❖ MBOX Token economic model 2.0
❖ MOBOX Fusion Hub
❖ MOMO Mart
❖ Roadmap
❖ Summary

MOBOX Platform Cross-Chain Deployment

As part of the MOBOX multi-universe plan, the MOBOX platform has officially launched its multi-chain collaborative development strategy in its third year. It is no longer limited to single-chain development on the Binance Smart Chain. To achieve this goal, the MOBOX team is building cross-chain protocols for multiple mainstream public chains, to achieve collaborative operability of NFTs on different public chains, capture and endow more value to MBOX, and enhance MBOX ecosystem compatibility.

This cross-chain collaboration introduces MBOX into the Ethereum ecosystem for the first time, bringing new NFT series to Arbitrum. By integrating with Arbitrum, MOBOX can interact with a large number of Ethereum users and projects. MOBOX users can use their assets and NFTs on Arbitrum and interact with other projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Similarly, Ethereum projects and users can also use their assets and NFTs on the “MOBOX platform”, “MOBOX games”, and “MOBOX services”.

Through cross-chain functionality and NFT interoperability, MOBOX plans to achieve cross-chain interoperability of all platform products and games. This will allow the use of NFTs from other blockchains on the MOBOX platform and MOMOverse, bringing more choices to users and creating opportunities to attract a more diverse user base and resource channels. It also establishes universal collaborative operability between blockchains and applications.

The first cross-chain gateway of the MOBOX platform will be established on Ethereum and its Layer 2 network, Arbitrum. This not only brings MBOX into the Ethereum ecosystem but also brings new NFT series to Arbitrum. Through cross-chain Arbitrum, MOBOX can interact with a large number of users and projects on Ethereum, achieving more collaborative operability. MOBOX users can use MOBOX assets and NFTs on Arbitrum and interact with projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Meanwhile, projects and users on Ethereum can also use their assets and NFTs on the MOBOX platform, MOBOX games, and MOBOX services.

Cross-chain to Arbitrum is an important step for MOBOX to expand its ecosystem and realize its vision of creating an interconnected multi-universe. The MOBOX team will continue to collaborate with other mainstream blockchains to develop cross-chain protocols and provide users with broader interoperability and usage choices.

Cross-chain to Arbitrum will bring opportunities and convenience to more users and projects, helping the development of the entire blockchain ecosystem. Through the collaborative operability of MOMO NFT and other public chain NFTs, we will jointly promote the development and innovation of the metaverse.

Enchanting MODragon NFTs: A Magical World Awaits

The MOBOX team is thrilled to unveil the imminent arrival of an enthralling new NFT series, the mesmerizing MODragon, set to grace the Ethereum Layer 2 public chain, Arbitrum. This bewitching NFT collection merges cutting-edge AI image generation sorcery, beckoning players into a realm of diverse gameplay and captivating interactive experiences within the MOBOX ecosystem.

This is the MOBOX art team’s first NFT creation that combines cutting-edge AI image generation technology. AI has great untapped potential in the creative field, and the MOBOX team plans to utilize this technology in production while ensuring compliance and not violating basic ethical standards. Additionally, the team plans to work with players to create content and participate in and promote the AI technology revolution in future community activities.

As the first phase of the MODragon NFT release unfolds, the MOBOX platform will bestow the gift of Genesis Dragon Eggs upon MOBOX players and devoted users of Arbitrum. These mystical eggs will soon hatch, unveiling the alluring MODragon NFTs that lie within. Keep a watchful eye on MOBOX’s social media and community for announcements detailing the enchanting airdrop rules.

The enthralling MODragon NFT series encompasses six elemental realms: fire, water, wood, earth, light, and darkness. MODragons that emerge from the Genesis Dragon Eggs will be blessed with one of these elemental affinities at random. As players venture deeper into this magical world, they may discover unique dual-element dragons and even the elusive four-element dragons in subsequent hatchings. Engaging gameplay, including hatching, battling, fusing, and nurturing multi-element dragons, will be unveiled in due course, showcasing the unparalleled interoperability of NFTs and adding an extra layer of enchantment to the game.

This captivating NFT series promises to become an integral aspect of the MOBOX platform, bestowing endless joy and opportunities upon our cherished community. We warmly invite all MOBOX community members to delve into the wondrous and enigmatic realm of dragons and embark on a magical adventure like no other!

As the project steadily develops, there will be more cross-chain interactive gameplay in the future, including interaction with the BNB chain and MOMO players on the BNB chain.

Stay tuned to MOBOX’s official channels for more spellbinding updates on the MODragon NFTs. Thank you for your unwavering support!

Welcome to the MOBOX World: A Dreamlike World of Infinite Possibilities

With the successful implementation of the MOBOX cross-chain protocol, our team now envisions a captivating MOBOX metaverse world inspired by the mesmerizing MOMOverse. As trailblazers in the WEB 3 domain, we began designing an innovative game four years ago that would revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry. This game empowers players with complete ownership of in-game assets, enabling them to craft and inhabit their very own fantastical multi-dimensional universes.

Our unwavering dedication is to create an immersive and rewarding experience for every player in an open, decentralized environment, encouraging each participant to contribute to community building as a member of a collective working towards a shared vision — an open multi-dimensional universe. As eternal game creators, we’ve identified a disconnect between participants and new social contracts within the existing gaming ecosystem. The MOBOX Universe brings players, designers, engineers, and creators together under a harmonious system of shared responsibilities and incentives.

Throughout the game development process, we’ve recognized the need for a more equitable operating model that breaks down the historical barriers between builders and participants, empowering everyone to create, nurture, enhance, and benefit from the fruits of our collective labor. We also strive to protect these efforts from the influence of intermediaries seeking access to distribution channels.

A fair and thriving community lies at the heart of our game’s future, and every step forward reveals the potential of this enchanting world. We are steadfast in our belief that this is the key to crafting a sustainable game, rich in content and deeply engaging for players.

In this new realm, we’re dedicated to building a truly digital universe that transcends gaming platforms, incorporating a wide array of services, applications, and tools for users to explore, play, and interact. Our grand vision includes allocating a unique continent to each mainstream public chain, home to their native populations. These continents will symbolize their respective public chains, fostering a distinctive digital ecosystem that facilitates communication between users across different public chains.

The MOMOverse, a colossal floating island situated at the center of this world, will feature diverse terrains such as land, floating islands, oceans, and enigmatic creatures. Players can claim a piece of land, build their dream homes, and engage with fellow inhabitants. They’ll have the chance to construct airships, journey to uncharted continents, engage in epic battles with hostile fleets, or trade with merchant fleets voyaging the world.

The MOBOX team is devoted to integrating all products, services, and games on the MOBOX platform into this digital universe. This boundless world teeming with possibilities will allow users to create digital assets, construct homes and cities, develop games and applications, and interact with others. We believe this digital world will not only offer users an entertaining and creative space but also become a genuine social platform that fosters open communication and collaboration between various public chain ecosystems.

Our dream is to cultivate a truly open and equal community in this digital realm, where everyone has the opportunity to participate and create their digital value. Regardless of your public chain affiliation, you’ll discover a sense of belonging and connection here. The MOBOX team will continue to work tirelessly to advance the development and enhancement of this digital world, delivering the ultimate experience and services to our users.

Embracing MOMOverse: A World of Adventure Awaits

We are thrilled to announce the seamless integration of MOMOverse’s home into the MOBOX Universe. This fusion will provide players with a grander worldview, inviting every MOMOverse resident to delve into a more diverse and vivid world.

Upon the integration of MOMOverse’s home, players can establish their domains, rise to prominence as influential lords, and vie for minerals, resources, and land for their forces. Our team has devised numerous innovative tools and gameplay features, alongside richer background stories and engaging quests.

These elements will allow players to create and explore more freely within the game. Players can enhance their economic power by establishing guilds and constructing buildings, as well as acquiring more treasures and resources by venturing into uncharted territories on the map.

We are confident that this integration process will inject more excitement and challenges into the MOBOX Universe and MOMOverse. We eagerly anticipate unveiling more surprises for our community and players in future updates. Together, let’s expand this boundless world of endless possibilities.

Introducing MOBOX Avatar 2.0

MOBOX Avatars are the magical embodiments of your virtual self within the wondrous realm of the MOMOverse. As unique manifestations of your digital essence, they bridge the gap between our world and the extraordinary MOBOX digital dimension, where your Avatar will captivate and inspire fellow adventurers.

In the mesmerizing metaverse, an Avatar serves as the cornerstone of all enchanting experiences, and our dedicated team cherishes this responsibility. The initial MOBOX Avatar 1.0 incarnation faced a number of challenges, such as lackluster color perception, limited facial features, subpar model accuracy, and insufficient image differentiation. With MOBOX Avatar 2.0, we’ve conjured a realm of dazzling improvements, including more vibrant colors and striking contrasts, intricate facial features and expressions, smoother contours, and a fully-realized three-dimensional model, ensuring each character stands out from the crowd.

Best of all, players possessing a MOBOX Avatar will be gifted a brand new Avatar 2.0 airdrop, enveloping you in the magic of our enhanced creation. The MOBOX Avatar 2.0 project is nearing its final stages of enchantment and is slated to debut alongside the world map version, inviting you to embrace your dazzling new digital identity within the MOMOverse.

Prepare to be spellbound as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the “new” you in the ethereal world of the MOMOverse.

MOBOX Game Release Plan

Boasting over a decade of experience in traditional game development and publishing, our team is well-equipped to explore and innovate within the realm of Web 3 gaming. Our financial resources are more than adequate to support our long-term endeavors in this area. In the coming years, we will prioritize the signing of top-tier games with development investments exceeding tens of millions of dollars for release on the MOBOX platform. Additionally, we will actively collaborate with industry leaders to bolster the MOBOX ecosystem’s growth.

In 2023, MOBOX plans to launch three games. Here is some publicly available information about some of them:

New SLG Game — “Dragon Battlefield”

Game Introduction: This game will transport players to an exhilarating world of warfare, where they can assume the role of a formidable commander, lead their army into battle, manage their own city, and amass and train a powerful arsenal of mechanical dragons to secure victory for their empire. By upgrading their city, army, and mechanical dragons, players will attain greater power and triumph in more battles.

2. Large MMORPG Game — “Project M”

PROJECT M will be the first ever DAO designed and developed MMORPG game on the blockchain. Every major step in the design and development process will be decided through the day including game mechanics, game name, game assets, game skins and more!”

Game Introduction: This is a thrilling MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a catastrophic event. In this barren world, resources are scarce, and various monsters and dangerous creatures roam the land. As a survivor of the apocalypse, players must face endless danger and challenges. To survive, players need to explore, battle, and produce to obtain the necessary resources for survival and a safer living environment.

To survive and thrive, players need to work together. You can choose different career paths, such as melee, ranged, healing, and mage, each with their own skill paths and growth attributes. By working hard to improve your strength and building a powerful alliance with other players, you can become a force to be reckoned with.

The core gameplay of the game is cooperative real-time combat and rich storyline missions. Players will accept missions from various organizations in the world, team up with other players, and gain experience and rewards. The game provides an open world where players can explore the wasteland, find hidden treasures and relics, unlock powerful skills and equipment, and improve their combat abilities and attributes.

In this open world, players can explore and create their own unique gaming experiences. The game content is rich, and social functions are also well-developed. In this apocalypse, it requires the wisdom and courage of players to protect and continue human civilization, which represents knowledge and creation.

RPG game — “King of Chaos”

Set in a world teeming with challenges and adventures, “King of Chaos” depicts a realm where magic reigns supreme, and time travelers from various eras and dimensions bring with them an assortment of technologies and knowledge. The Empire Knights represent the traditional ruling class.

Players will embody a warrior, venturing and exploring the tumultuous world, completing an array of tasks and challenges, and unearthing hidden secrets and treasures. The game’s core features include combat, exploration, leveling up, equipment, and synthesis. Players must amass experience and wealth through battles, explore diverse terrains and settings, locate equipment and materials, enhance their skills and attributes, and ultimately ascend to the title of King of Chaos.

In combat, players can select different skills and equipment and combine them to devise the optimal battle strategy. Each character possesses unique skills and attributes, requiring players to choose the most suitable character for combat based on varying situations and enemies. Simultaneously, players can also team up with others to challenge formidable bosses. A range of thrilling adventure quests awaits players, beckoning them to explore and conquer.

MBOX Tokenomics 2.0

1. Burn

The MOBOX platform is expected to burn about 135,000,000 MBOX tokens (the portion of the planned total production in the second year that has not been produced), which is equivalent to 60% of the planned total production in the second year.

2. Adjustment

  1. The daily output of MBOX in the MBOX-BNB LP mining pool has been adjusted. (As Shown Above)
  2. The daily output of MBOX collected by MOMO has been adjusted from 50,000 MBOX to 40,000 MBOX.
  3. The output of MBOX produced by the D.S.C trade and the prosperity of the MOMOverse home will remain unchanged.
  4. Although the output of MBOX produced by MOMO NFT has been adjusted, the basic consensus that MOMO is the core output of MBOX has not changed.
  5. It is expected that the updated MBOX output will meet the expectations of the third-year plan in the MOBOX white paper.

3. New Application Scenarios

  1. Cross-chain staking
  2. New liquidity staking
  3. Use and consumption in the MOBOX world
  4. Used in the new Dragon NFT series gameplay
  5. Used in the new MOBOX games “Dragon Battlefield” and “End of the World Storm”

4. Explanation of MOBOX Team and Strategic Investment Shares

In the current market environment, many companies face operational difficulties and pressures. In contrast, the MOBOX team has significant differences from other projects. First, in addition to receiving strategic investments from Binance Labs, the team has a stable source of income, including platform profitability, cooperation, and investment returns. These revenues are sufficient to support the team’s development and expansion plans for at least five years, so there is no need to sell any MBOX tokens to survive. Second, in order to achieve MOBOX’s grand vision, we will continue to attract outstanding talents in the industry and negotiate with top Web3 investment institutions to prepare high-quality resources, sign high-quality AAA-level games, and expand the ecosystem.

We firmly believe that the MOBOX platform has the potential for long-term and sustainable development. With the continuous development of products and market expansion the MOBOX ecosystem will become stronger and more dynamic, creating more value for MBOX holders.

MOBOX Fusion Hub

After completing the integration with multiple mainstream Layer 1 public chains and related Layer 2, MOBOX will launch its final version. We call it the Web 3 Games ultimate solution — MOBOX Fusion hub. Our platform is ready to provide game developers with a series of SDKs and APIs specifically tailored for blockchain games to help them develop and release games based on web 3 technology.

Currently, our Fusion hub platform has launched the first internal test version for game teams and studios related to MOBOX. We expect that games on MOBOX will be upgraded and managed through this platform. The official version of MOBOX Fusion Hub will go live after performance stabilization and large-scale testing.

We believe that blockchain technology and NFTs will play an important role in the future of the gaming industry, and our platform will be one of the pioneers of this trend. Our vision is to become the preferred platform for game developers and contribute to the development of the future gaming industry. At the same time, we will continue to improve and perfect our platform to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the gaming industry. The fusion hub platform will have the following main features:

1. Compatible with Multiple Layer 1 Public Chains

Compared to other GameFi projects, the MOBOX Open Platform can be compatible with multiple Layer 1 public chains, including but not limited to BNB chain and ETH chain. This allows our game developers to choose the underlying public chain that best suits their projects.


The MOBOX game platform provides game developers with a series of easy-to-use development tools to help them quickly build their games and seamlessly integrate them with our platform. Our platform provides the following main functions:

Mature smart contract API: We provide preset smart contract APIs to help game developers quickly write and test game-related smart contracts and use them to process transactions and other game logic.

NFT SDK support and integration: We provide easy-to-use NFT integration SDK to help game developers quickly create their own NFTs and integrate them into the game. Based on blockchain technology, using NFT as the economic currency in the game ensures the fairness and security of the game. In particular, people building NFT dApps will be able to use MOBOX’s built-in NFT market and API services to build a “plug-and-play” market for Web 3 game assets and related NFTs, providing better liquidity.

Risk control: Our platform will use multiple security measures to protect the security of the game and users. We will use multiple security measures including preventing DDoS attacks, cryptographic protection, user identity verification, and asset risk control, to ensure the security and fairness of the game.

Developer funding support: Our platform will provide support funding for game developers through MOBOX METAFund to help them launch and develop their game projects. We believe that supporting developers is the key to realizing our vision.

Developer split NFT: The MOBOX platform not only provides developers with the best revenue distribution model but also provides them with flexible support that is almost instantly credited to their accounts receivable, ensuring that developers have the necessary funds to continue their best development work and help them develop excellent games.

After successfully releasing a game on the MOBOX platform, developers will receive a special non-fungible token (P-NFT indicating) their ownership of the released game. All income generated by the game will be recorded on the blockchain to ensure complete transparency between the platform and developers. The P-NFT smart contract also serves as a revenue sharing agreement between the platform and developers, automatically transferring the income earned by developers according to the agreement to their MOBOX wallet.

Ready-to-use MOMO library: Thanks to the interoperability of MOMO NFTs, they can be used across different public chains and games. Game developers can choose from the high-quality MOMO NFT library and immediately use them in their games, saving a lot of time and money for teams and independent developers, and providing the necessary resources and strong support for their game development work.

MOBOX Community Support: The MOBOX platform provides developers with all possible support, including marketing. Through effective community management, continued platform marketing, and the addition of important ecological partners, the MOBOX platform community provides developers with a powerful marketing channel. This includes fully functional nodes on the MOBOX platform, increasingly active social media, and social media activities through our ecological partners.

By combining the above SDKs and APIs, our platform provides game developers with a better development and publishing experience as well as a wider market and support. Our vision is to become one of the leaders in the future game industry and provide developers with a more fair, transparent, and highly secure game platform.

3. MOBOX Wallet 2.0 — MOBOX Seed Wallet — Securely Sow Your Seeds, Unleash the Power of NFT Gaming!

MOBOX Wallet’s new version will focus on providing a one-stop solution for Web 3.0 game users. Here are the key features of MOBOX Wallet:

NFT Management: MOBOX Wallet is a wallet designed specifically for the gaming market. It helps NFT holders showcase all their unique ERC-721 and ERC-1155 collectibles and game assets in a more efficient and convenient way. MOBOX players can browse and filter all their MOMO NFTs in the new version wallet and quickly list or gift specific MOMO to friends.

EIP 4337 Features: MOBOX Wallet empowers Web 3 Games by combining some new features proposed in EIP 4337. For example, the Social Recovery system allows multiple users to recover the owner’s access to an account, reducing the risk of permanent loss of funds.

Diverse Gas Payment: MOBOX Wallet supports diverse gas payment methods. Game players can use different tokens or even off-chain credit cards for payment, eliminating the need to purchase cryptocurrencies in advance for NFT transactions.

Pre-approval for On-chain Transactions: MOBOX Wallet supports pre-approval for on-chain transactions to increase the smoothness of Dapp and provide a more user-friendly on-chain process.

Bundle Transactions: MOBOX Wallet supports bundle transactions, allowing game players to bundle multiple on-chain operations together. With just one signature, all the necessary transaction processes can be completed, increasing transaction efficiency.

Subscription Mode: MOBOX Wallet supports subscription mode, allowing developers to subscribe to specific events or data updates. When these events or data updates occur, the MOBOX network automatically notifies developers, helping them achieve real-time data synchronization and notification more easily.

Through these features, MOBOX Wallet provides better management and on-chain experience for game developers and NFT holders, and contributes to the development of Web 3 games. We believe that MOBOX Wallet will become one of the essential gateways connecting the traditional gaming market and Web 3.

MOMO Mart: Bringing the Magic of MOBOX to Life

As part of our commitment to expanding the MOBOX brand and reaching a wider audience, we’re excited to introduce MOMO Mart, a unique retail venture that merges the online and offline worlds. Our goal is to share the essence and values of MOMO NFT with a diverse range of consumers, while offering a tangible experience for trendy toy enthusiasts.

We’ll be launching an exclusive MOMO NFT physical blind box collection, which features exquisite packaging and a diverse array of captivating characters. This product is designed to not only ignite the passion of the MOBOX community but also draw in more trendy toy aficionados to join our growing family.

MOMO Mart’s inaugural brick-and-mortar store will proudly showcase the core values of the MOBOX brand and MOMO NFT. Our design team has meticulously crafted each character, ensuring top-notch quality that leads the industry. Moreover, interactive zones within the store will allow visitors to truly immerse themselves in the enchanting world of MOMO NFT.
We’re actively scouting prime locations around the globe to establish our immersive shopping and interactive experience for trendy toy enthusiasts worldwide. We’re eager to explore the potential of Web 3 and the trendy toy market through this strategic endeavor, ultimately bringing even greater value to the MOBOX community.

Roadmap Timeline

2023 Q1 — Research and testnet deployment for cross-chain solution

2023 Q2 — Burn 135 million MBOX

2023 Q2 — Update MBOX tokenomics

2023 Q2 — Test MOBOX game open platform for targeted developers

2023 Q2 — Provide MOBOX game access to game development SDK & API

2023 Q2 — Deploy MOBOX 2.0 to Ethereum and Arbitrum cross-chains

2023 Q2 — Release Dragon NFTs for MOBOX 2.0

2023 Q3 — Release MOBOX 2.0 World Map

2023 Q3 — Launch gameplay related to MOBOX 2.0 World Map

2023 Q3 — Launch “Dragon Battlefield” game on MOBOX platform

2023 Q4 — Launch “End of the World Storm” game on MOBOX platform

2023 Q4 — Launch “King of Chaos” game on MOBOX platform

2023 Q4 — Launch MOBOX game Fusion Hub


We have Introduced our three-phase plan for the MOBOX game open platform. We aim to “connect multiple mainstream public chains,” “construct a multi-chain digital world,” and “establish a collaborative multi-chain MOBOX Fusion Hub.” These plans and updates will enrich the MOBOX platform, providing both players and developers with an enhanced gaming experience and trading environment.

The launch of the Fusion Hub SDK & API will deliver numerous benefits to the MOBOX platform, including multi-chain integration, cross-chain asset bridging, seamless market API, MOBOX Wallet 2.0, and much more. These features will not only elevate the user experience and security of MOBOX games but also drive the growth of Web 3 gaming.

To realize our vision, we will steadfastly implement these plans. By harnessing cross-chain technology and NFT interoperability, we’ll create a unified multi-universe rather than separate games. Our team will collaborate with other leading blockchains to develop cross-chain protocols that enable MOBOX assets to traverse different blockchains and facilitate the use of NFTs from other blockchains on the MOBOX platform.

Our ultimate goal is to forge a truly interconnected meta-universe — the magnificent MOMOverse. ✨⭐️☄️💥

Please note: WEB 3.0 is a highly variable and risky field. The information provided in this announcement is for reference only and should not be used as a basis for any investment or decision-making. Before making any decisions, please conduct sufficient research and evaluation on your own and proceed with caution.




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