A Guide to MOMOs

7 min readMay 3, 2021

Welcome to all things MOMO at MOBOX.
Previously we have written a guide on how to stake on the platform, if you have not read it and want to know more, you can read the
how to stake guide here.
Today’s Guide is all about our NFT MOMOs, particularly how you can obtain them and upgrade them.

MOBOX wallet

Before we get into all things MOMO, we would like to ensure you are able to have a true MOBOX experience, while accessing the MOBOX platform and interacting with it, we recommend using our MOBOX wallet.

Where to download the wallets/app:

☑️The MOBOX Android wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, simply search for MOBOX.
The Android APK Can be downloaded directly from our Website, or via this LINK this is currently the latest version.

☑️For iOS users, the MOBOX wallet can be downloaded directly from the AppStore.

☑️ If you are going to use Google Chrome on a Desktop you can download the MOBOX Plugin wallet from the Google Web Store,
simply search for “MOBOX Wallet” or use the following LINK.

There you have it now you can access mobox.io within your dApp browser or MOBOX wallet.

What Is a MOMO?

A MOMO is an NFT that is unique to the MOBOX platform.
The unique GameFi systems gives players and traders the opportunity to earn these unique NFT MOMOs.
In a nutshell MOBOX has unique Token KEYs on the platform, each gained KEY token can be used to unlock a BOX to generate and mint a MOMO on the BSC blockchain.

How to obtain a MOMO?

To obtain a MOMO you will require a KEY. This can be obtained by staking in the crates section where you will mine KEYS, for a guide on mining on CRATES to get a key you can read our guide here.
Remember: 1 KEY unlocks 1 Chest, which opens 1 MOMO

  1. You can obtain a Key from staking in CRATES
  2. You can buy a Key from the Market

You can buy it via PancakeSwap or directly from our website as shown below.

Simply follow the above steps as shown in the pictures above to purchase a KEY.

Now that you have 1 KEY, you can simply head over to the CHESTS section as shown below and then click on Unlock Chests.
A pop up will come up approve that transaction.
After the transaction has gone through you will see your key go into the Chests section as shown below.

Now that your have your key in the Chest section, simple click on “ Unlock and Stake” And confirm the transaction again. You will notice the chest rumble and the MOMO that you have unlocked will be displayed as shown below.

Unlock and Stake and chest revel

The MOMO that you have just minted is automatically staked for you and is farming the governance token MBOX.

How to upgrade my MOMO?

If you are lucky enough to own a Rare or Epic MOMO then you can upgrade those MOMOs. Only Epic and Rare MOMOs can be upgraded (Legendary MOMOs have not been released yet), all other MOMOs can NOT be upgraded.

Simply go to “My MOMO” section and select your Rare or Epic MOMO click on Upgrade and add the MOMOs to upgrade your Hash Power. You will need to confirm transaction you also will require BNB in your account to cover any transaction fees.

To upgrade your MOMOs you will require other MOMOs to be consumed in the upgrade. All MOMOs that are used in the upgrade are burned.

IF you want to rename your MOMO, simply click on the little pencil as shown in picture 3 and edit the name and message.

Rare Quality MoMos with Hash Rate ≥ 30 can edit name.

Epic Quality can edit name, Hash Rate ≥ 80 can add a personal message.

What MOMO’s do I need for my UPGRADE?

If you would like to know what is required for each level upgrade of your MOMO, simply head over to MY MOMO section, choose MOMO Quality enter the base power of your MOMO and click Confirm.

Above you can see the required MOMOs to be consumed for each level, and the new Hash Power your MOMO will have after the upgrade.

Upgrading your MOMO’s Base HASH with MEC

If you have obtained MEC and want to upgrade your MOMO’s base hash, simply head over to “MY MOMO” and select the MOMO you would like to upgrade.

You will be presented with the above screen. If this is your first time doing an upgrade, you will need to approve MEC and approve MBOX first. The enhancement will give you an extra base increase from 1–5 based on probability, which is shown below.

Once you have the min MEC required plus MBOX, click on Cost and then Enhance. Your base hash will increase but so will you overall hash power.

Any MBOX that you consume during this enhancement is BURNT!

How can I know what the Base Hash Power is of my MOMO?

The base hash of your MOMOs is the initial hash power given to it when it was minted, below is an example of how you can see the different base hash power.

What is the MOMO Mining Camp?

The MOMO Mining Camp section simply displays all the MOMOs you own including your total Hash Power. In this section you can also claim any MBOX that your MOMOs have mined. As a friendly reminder to claim MBOX from this section you will need to have BNB in your wallet to cover the gas fees.

How to sell your MOMO?

If you would like to sell your MOMO, simply head over to the “ MARKET” section of the platform. Select the MOMO you would like to sell and follow the prompts.
If you have multiple MOMOS you can also sell them in the bundle this was enabled so users can save on transaction fees.

Your MOMO needs to be STAKED so you can sell it!

If you have sold your MOMO you will be able to find the details of the sale in the Transaction Log as shown below. There is a 5% fee platform fee when selling MOMOs.

If you are selling your MOMO, you also need to make sure that you have bound your MOMO Farmer address in the account settings. Follow the below steps.

What are GEM’s and why are they necessary?

GEM’s are used for skill upgrades within the games on the MOBOX Platform. The below gems will unlock the following in the TOKEN MASTER Game.

Gem Ruby (red)
=> to unlock upgrade skill 1 (skill slot number 1)

Gem emerald (green)
=> to unlock upgrade skill 2 (skill slot number 2)

Gem sapphire (blue)
=> to unlock upgrade skill 3 (skill slot number 3)

Gem topaz (yellow)
=> to unlock upgrade skill 4 (skill slot number 4)

skill upgrades.

Gem level 1 = can upgrade max lvl 3

Gem level 2 = can upgrade max lvl 5

Gem level 3 = can upgrade to max lvl 7

Gem level 4 = can upgrade to max lvl 9

Gem level 5 = can upgrade to max lvl 11

* You require Gems to lvl up your epic skill (yellow one as a minimum)

There we have it, a simple guide to help you all get started with MOMO’s on MOBOX .
Please stay tuned as we will update this guide further as we progress along the way.

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