A Guide to MOBOX!

5 min readApr 6, 2021


Welcome to the MOBOX Platform and before all you inquisitive minds ask, NO we are not another food-themed DeFi platform on BSC.

MOBOX is a cross platform gaming metaverse that combines automated optimized DeFi yield farming and gaming NFTs to create a GameFi Metaverse.
Within the metaverse of MOBOX, also known as MOMOverse, players can create content or enjoy others’ creations on any device. The MOBOX team has created a unique ecosystem for developers, players and NFT collectors are rewarded for sharing and enjoyment.

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What you will need:

☑️ You will need to register on mobox.io
☑️ A Compatible Wallet with the Binance Smart Chain
☑️ The best user experience on MOBOX.io will be delivered with the MOBOX wallet and MOBOX Chrome Plugin on a Desktop.
☑️ You will need a small amount of BNB in your wallet to cover transaction fees

Where to download the wallets/app:

☑️The MOBOX Android wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, simply search for MOBOX.
The Android APK Can be downloaded directly from our Website, or via this LINK.

☑️For iOS users, the MOBOX wallet can be found directly in the App Store or downloaded via the following LINK.

☑️ If you are going to use Google Chrome on a Desktop you can download the MOBOX Plugin wallet from the Google Web Store,
simply search for “MOBOX Wallet” or use the following LINK.

There you have it now you can access mobox.io within your dApp browser or Mobox wallet.

How do Stake on MOBOX?

As we have gone through the essentials you will need let's get onto the next step which is MOBOX Crates ie Yield Farms. MOBOX Crates are a set of optimized yield farming Smart Contracts that automatically seek the best yield for users. MOBOX currently supports only MBOX/BNB pool.

You will need to deposit your coins only in the MBOX / BNB pool by click on the “ Liquidity” button.

To break this down let's go through the steps on how to deposit LP on MOBOX. (below is an example of a previous crate that was available on MOBOX.io)

Adding liquidity STEP 1 , 2, 3.

In this example, we will use the DAI/BUSD Pool.
Click on Liquidity and then on “Add Liquidity”. You will be presented with a new screen, now you need to approve for this instance again DAI and BUSD.

A Pop up might come up please approve that pop-up for this.

Once that has been approved a new pop-up will come up, now just enter how much you want to provide liquidity for, there always needs to be a 50/50 split. Once you confirm your amount simply click ADD Liquidity and confirm the transaction again.

You will now have the DAI/BUSD LP tokens.
Now click on “ Deposit” as shown above.
Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and a new pop-up will come up to deposit your LP tokens, approve the DAI-BUSD LP first and approve the transaction.
Once that all has been completed you will be able to see your LP tokens as shown below.

To remove the liquidity just follow this process in reverse.

Once you have finalized your deposit MOBOX Crates will auto compound and you will also receive “MBOX”.

How to Exchange on MOBOX:

Simply click on the exchange button and enter your desired amounts and then click on exchange, and confirm in the last step.

If you are exchanging MBOX to BNB and vice versa, the price is very volatile at the moment, you will need to adjust the slippage via the following way as pictured.
At the moment the slippage can range from 5–20% depending on how many MBOX you’re buying, selling and the price impact that it can have.

How to get your MOBOX referral?

Want to refer your friends and family and be rewarded for it? simply head over to mobox.io and login with your registered account details. Then click on your account as shown in the picture below and click on registration invite.

Now simply copy your registration code and share it with others.

You can click on the “ Achievements” as shown below to track your referrals and achievements on the platform. Once you hit your first achievement of 20 tasks you will receive your first reward.

This is a rolling guide and we will update it with more information over the coming days!

There we have it, a simple and quick guide to help you all get started on MOBOX today.
Please stay tuned as we will update this guide further as we progress along the way.

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