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10 min readJul 12, 2021


In order to play Token Master you will need to make sure you have bound your MOMO NFT Address in the User Center.

We have previously written a guide on how to bind your address, which you can find here.

A Guide on all things MOMO can be found HERE.

MOMO Token Master is set in season, each season lasting 7 days. After each season all your progress will be reset to 0 ( except the Lucky wheel tickets)

So Let’s get started on what each of these numbered items are.

  1. This show you your current gold amount you have accumulated. This will be used for leaderboard purposes. Players will attack you so your amounts may go up or down even during your idle time.
  2. This is how much MBOX you have in the “ BOX” centralized wallet. This will not show the MBOX amount you have in your wallet such as MetaMask. The BOX wallet can be found directly on the MOBOX website.
    Any rewards you earn from the Token Master Game will be deposited into this Box wallet.
  3. This is the settings button, where you can change languages, switch off music etc.
  4. Here you can set your name, you can change your name once every season.
  5. Here are the tasks shown that you can complete to earn book so you can upgrade your MOMO’s skills. This resets each day (every 24 hours)
  6. This is the Mail section here you will receive and claim any rewards you may receive
  7. If you have Lent MOMO’s from the Lending market they will appear here.
  8. MOMO TV is where you can view the top battles that have happened/happening
  9. LuckyWheel, for every 25 MBOX you spend in the Token Master Game you will receive 1 Spin where you can receive numerous rewards.
  10. MOMO Adventure, here you can select 3 of your RARE MOMO NFTs and send them off on the adventure, this is an idle gameplay and more missions will be introduce at a later time.
    You can only select 1 Path and can only use 3 RARE MOMO NFTs.
  11. This is your Defensive formation, when players attack you. You can set a different formation from the one when you attack others.
  12. Battle Record, here you can review all your won and lots battles.
  13. This show you how many attacks you have left out of 12 attempts.
  14. MOMO, this will show all your current MOMO’s. ( you also receive 3 Free MOMOS only in Token Master so you can Test the game if you have no MOMO’s yourself, these can not be sold)
  15. MOMOpoly is a fun way to use your Gold coins and get ranked on the leaderboard to win MBOX
  16. MOBOXer Ring, is where you can choose 3 random fixed attribute MOMOs with a generated skill set and fight other Players.
  17. This Leaderboard will show you where you are currently ranked across the 3 available leaderboards.

How to get Skills for MOMO’s ?

Simply go into the “MOMO” Section as shown below and then select one of your MOMO’s. Then you will be presented with the unlock skill function. You will need to use “ Book “ that you can either purchase via using MBOX or earn by using the daily Tasks.

Once you have unlocked all skill slots it will look something like this below.
Only the EPIC (Yellow border skills) can be upgraded.

This is where Gem’s come to play. Gem’s can be obtained via a lottery system on NFT Farmer or they can be purchased on the NFT Farmer GEM Marketplace here:

Below is the GEM Lottery section, in this section you also have the “ GEM Bag” Where you can upgrade your GEM’s by consuming other GEMs.

If you have not been successful in the GEM Lottery the MBOX you have used to purchase a ticket will be returned to you. Simply click on “Participate” and you can claim back your MBOX you have used for the ticket.

Here are each individual requirements for skills / Gems

Gems are used to upgrade skills. The below gems will unlock the following

Gem Ruby (red) => to unlock upgrade skill 1 (skill slot number 1)

Gem emerald (green) => to unlock upgrade skill 2 (skill slot number 2)

Gem sapphire (blue) => to unlock upgrade skill 3 (skill slot number 3)

Gem topaz (yellow) => to unlock upgrade skill 4 (skill slot number 4)

skill upgrades

Gem level 1 = can upgrade max level 3

Gem level 2 = can upgrade max level 5

Gem level 3 = can upgrade to max level 7

Gem level 4 = can upgrade to max level 9

Gem level 5 = can upgrade to max level 11

* You require Gems to level up your epic skill (yellow one as a minimum)

Refining Skills:

When you refine skills there is a change to obtain a higher quality skill when using refine Skills.

Chances are the following:

Common Skill 30%
Uncommon Skill is 30%
Unique Skill 15%
Rare Skill 15%
Epic Skill 10% (yellow circle around the skill)

If you have gained an Epic skill, this can be replaced 100% with another Epic Skill.

Where to see all skills?

If you want to see all available skills and what each skill does, you can simply follow the below steps. Simply click on MOMO then at the op click the skill card. You will be presented with the Skill Library, simply now check out all available skills and skill slots to get a better understanding what each skill does.

How do I attack?

To attack someone simple go into Plunder and then click Search. The System will find you an opponent. You can either choose to Confirm or Use MBOX and ask for a rematch. Now Simply select your 3 MOMOs to Fight and watch the match unfold.

While you attack you will take the other players gold a % of it, and same happens when they attack you they will take a % of gold from your pool.

If you check your Battle Record, you can see all your history including where you have been defeated, if you have upgraded your skill level / MOMO’s and feel that you can attack this person back and win, then simply press the Revenge button as shown below in red.

Remember when you Revenge attack someone , it will not use your plunder attempts but also no stars will be rewarded for this fight, you can only gain Gold if you win that battle.

This also leads us into the Plunder Rank Leaderboard.

Whenever you Plunder an opponent you will receive an x amount of stars dependent on how many MOMO’s you have managed to remove from your opponent.

The Plunder Ranking is purely based on how many stars you have been able to accumulate.

Every 5x times that you get a perfect plunder your stars will be reduced by 1.
You can keep track of this information by going into Battle Record as shown below.


In MOMOpoly you can use the gold coins you have earned via your MOMO’s to win some more Gold coins.
While you may win some more Gold coins on MOMOpoly you also have the opportunity to rank on the MOMOpoly leaderboard.

As stated in the rules above you need to have a gold production rate of min 600/min ( as seen in picture 3) but you also need to place a min 10k Gold spin on either 2 rolls or 4 rolls to get the multiplier ranking. Currently on the top 50 players with the best x multiplier are rewarded in MBOX tokens.

Please Note, that only your highest multiplier will be used and they do not ADD UP!


In MOBOxer Mode you can choose 3 random fixed attribute MOMOs. Each MOMO can select 1 out of 3 randomly generated skill sets. You can refresh to a different set of skills by spending MBOX.

You can either choose to be “ Anonymous “ or non “ Anonymous “ depending if you want the other player to see your name simply click on “ Ring Anonymity” .
You can choose to battle for 0.1, 1, 3 or 10 MBOX tokens in this Ring.

Who ever wins the battle will receive 95% of the total reward and the other 5% will be burned. For full rules of the MOBOXer ring simply click on the “?” located in the top left hand corner.

Lucky Wheel

In Lucky wheel for every 25 MBOX you spend in Token Master you will receive 1 Lucky Wheel ticket. With each Spin you will consume 1 ticket or you can choose the 10x spins which will consume 10 tickets. As shown below you can win various awards in the lucky wheel (this may change from time to time).

While the Token Master Season resets every 7 days. The tickets you have earned in the Lucky Wheel will carry over from season to season.

MOMO Adventure

In MOMO Adventure you can put your Rare MOMO’s to use. Every MOMO adventure has 3 paths to choose. You can only use your own 3 RARE’s ( they can not be rented) and you can only use 1 Path, ie you can not put 3 MOMO’s on all 3 paths.
A new adventure will start every 24 hours.
Each period the system will chose 3 random MOMO’s if you have those MOMO’s you can set them on a path and you will receive a 20% extra reward ( max of 60%).
More modes will come into MOMO Adventure.
Currently the hash power of your RARE MOMO does NOT MATTER!

*Rented MOMO’s can not participate in MOMO Adventure!

For full details of all Rules associated to MOMO Adventure, Please click the “?” in the top left hand corner of the MOMO Adventure page.

Depositing + Withdrawing MBOX in Token Master

If you would like to deposit MBOX tokens into Token Master you can do it directly within the game by clicking on the + within the Token Master Game.

OR you can also do this directly via the “ Box “ wallet as shown in picture 3 above.

If you would like to withdraw MBOX from your Box Wallet simply go to the “Box” Wallet as shown above. Then click on Withdraw and enter your amount of MBOX you would like to withdraw.

The minimum amount of MBOX to withdraw is currently set at 50 MBOX.

To withdraw from the BOX wallet you will require a transaction pin to have been set, Simply head over to the user Centre and “ configure account” and then click on Transaction Password as shown below. Also a mobile number needs to be “Bound” as well. If you have not bound your mobile number to the box wallet you will not be able to withdraw your MBOX.

We will update this guide as more modes open up in Token Master so stay tuned.

*All written information in this guide is correct at time of writing 9th July 2021.




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