MOBOX Newsletter #2: Late January 2024 Recap

5 min readFeb 4, 2024

Dear MOBOXers,

Welcome to your inbox update 📩 We understand that there may be many questions in your mind, and that’s why and where the value of the bi-weekly community letter lies. It serves as a direct channel to address your questions and to keep you informed about our recent developments and achievements over the past two weeks.

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Dragon Ball’s Fair Launch on BRC-420 🟧

Last December, MOBOX announced the strategic partnership with Bitmap Tech, marking our place as the first-ever gaming DApp on Bitcoin Layer2.

And yesterday, we introduced Dragon Ball, the BRC-420 collection in ordinals through Free Mint & Fair Launch. We all felt the community’s hype as the BTC network was overwhelmed and went down due to congestions, and all 100,000 Dragon Balls were minted within an hour.

MOBOXers, we understand this may seem abrupt and there may be a lot of questions. Here are some possible FAQs.

👉 Why wasn’t there an advanced notification about Dragon Ball?

Any form of advance announcement on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord would expose us to Front-Running and Sybil Attacks, causing even fewer genuine community members capable of minting assets and allowing bots mint away most of the Dragon Ball.

That’s why we remained silent to EVERYONE, until the contract was deployed and the tweet & community announcement were simultaneously sent out.

It’s 100% fair launch.

👉Why does it appear there are so few holders after the minting process is complete?

BTC L1 transactions take a very, very long time. Even though it may seem from the webpage that all 100,000 items in the collection have been successfully minted, 99% of addresses are actually still in the queue, awaiting confirmation by miners. This process can take several hours.

As of the current moment, Dragon Ball has 2,464 holders.

👉What are Bitmap Tech, BRC-420 and Merlin Chain?

Bitmap Tech, formerly known as RCSV, stands as the premier OG team within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitmap Tech’s diverse product line includes -

BRC-420 is the first Metaverse Protocol in Ordinals, enabling inscription assets to function across engines, games, and chains.

Merlin Chain is a native Bitcoin Layer2 powered by Bitmap Tech team, integrating the ZK-Rollup network, decentralized oracle network, and on-chain BTC fraud proof modules.

Learn More:

👉What Will Happen Next?

Dragonverse Neo V2 will be deployed on Merlin Chain to become the first 3D open world game there on BTC ecosystem. Dragonverse Neo will also support BRC-420 soon. The BRC-420 assets, such as Blue Box, Thtis song about NFTs, Blue Wand, can be displayed and utilized in a special way in game.

👉Why Are We Expanding to BTC L2?

Dragon Ball signifies that we are embracing the bitcoin ecosystem and expanding the influence of MOBOX, aiming to bring new users and new usecases to the MOBOX ecosystem.

👉What About The Plan of MODragon?

We will also utilize MODragon and its gem and stones in Dragonverse Neo V2. Dragonstones, Gems and Dragon Powers produced in the original Dragonverse world can be exchanged in Dragonverse Neo based on their respective amounts. MODragon owners will get a bonus in the division of seasonal rewards in Dragonverse Neo V2. The gameplay mechanism with MODragon is also in the pipeline. And, we are also cooking a bonus for MODragon holders. Stay tuned for more details.

Dragonverse Neo Updates 🐲

Dragonverse Neo V2 has entered the testing and debugging phase! The online Dragonverse Neo is currently closed for access. We’ll be allocating more time on developing, testing and debugging.


Dragonverse Neo V2 will introduce 3 brand-new mini-games. You can travel from the central world to numerous alternate worlds to experience more engaging gameplays.

  • Simulation Game: Internal Testing Phase
  • ◻️Battle Arena Game: 90% Progress
  • ◻️Obby Game: 70% Progress


The brand-new Dragonverse Neo landing page is also under development. Most of the progress has been done, but not been made public yet.

  • ✅In-game Ranking Leaderboard
  • ✅Token Deposit And Withdrawal
  • ✅Assets Consumption
  • ✅MODragon Integration
  • ✅Dragon Stone Integration
  • ✅Gems Integration


One more important thing! Now you can submit proposals via burning $MBOX! Feel free to share your thoughts and submit proposals from now on. Once the voting passes, we’ll start putting those plans into action.


Global Ambassador Program🌎

We are on a journey of regional market growth, gradually initiating the Ambassador Program in diverse areas to further expand our MOBOX community.

Starting in Japan with the first stop in January, we’ve received many outstanding applications within two weeks and we’ve since onboarded three ambassadors to contribute to MOBOX’s growth — @kings_Web3gamer & @aki_playaxie & @salmon_pi

MOBOX will be everywhere!

$MBOX Buyback & Burn Program🔥

Since implementing the new buyback and burn program, MOBOX has been dynamically burning $MBOX and MEC every week.

Stats Recap (From January 14 to January 29)

  • 🔥$MBOX Burned: 195,325.31
  • 💎MEC Burned: 4,055,169
  • 🔗Transaction: Jan-20; Jan-29

Traction: Pioneering in the Gaming Sector 🚀

MOBOX continues to pioneer, boasting the highest on-chain traction among the top of most-holding tokens, and most active users and most-traded projects on the BNB Chain.

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Thanks For Tuning In

✌️Until next time


Febuary 4, 2024




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