YGG x MOBOX Avatar

Calling All Yield Guild Gamers!

Are you a YGG — Yield Guild Games badge hodler?
Then we have some fantastic news for YOU !
MOBOX in conjunction with YGG are teaming up to create 200 unique YGG Branded MOMOverse Avatars!

THAT’S RIGHT You Heard It Here First — TWO HUNDRED!

Unique & Special Editions
These Unique Avatars have been specifically created for our friends over in The YGG community. — The Avatars are a digital representation of you in the MOBOX metaverse! Are you ready to have yourself a “mini-me” MOBOX edition?⤵️

Well hold onto your Badges & read on as we tell you just how you too can get a little piece of the action + how to participate to own one of these unique Avatars + MORE

How to obtain YGG Branded MOBOX Avatar?

Please fill out the form below to enter the giveaway: https://forms.gle/K1uEam5AqzTLpyqNA

Entries will close on Sunday the 17th @ 12:00 UTC


YGG will announce the result of the winners on official YGG social media please follow!

Your MOBOX YGG Branded Avatar will be sent to your BNB (decentralized wallet) within 7 days of the announcement of winners !

🤔What Are MOBOX Avatars — MOMO-mians?

Some Of YGG — MOBOX Avatars

MOBOX Avatars/MOMO-mians are a virtual representation of YOU used in the MOMOverse.

Uniquely just yours, they are digital versions of a walking talking you where you can control and express your best self in this graphical character of you! Your little creation will allow you to express your identity in the MOBOX digital realm, go shopping, play games, work, live life do what you do best all with your personalized & customized self. What better way to get to know the ins and outs of a magical MOMOverse then with your very own mini me, wouldn’t you say?🤩

Now imagine a world where other MOMO-mians roam around & socialize together, living their best life and you can get up close and personal, joining in MOBOX games together and be a part of so much more fun in this alternative universe using your MOMO-mian to guide the way. I mean interacting with others MOBOXer MOMO-mians WOW! Now that’s pretty neat!🤯

Take your MOMO-mian and enter a whole new dimension, be in control of the action, interact with other MOBOXers, make new friends.

As you go about your day living within the MOMOverse space you can explore, you can also create and you monetize !

MOBOX — UNBOXing the MOMOverse Anniversary EVENT !

Beginning on the 6th of April the MOBOX platform will unveil its MOMOverse Alpha & will launch exciting events!

From April 6th, A collection event will be hosted in the MOMOverse. All MOMOverse residents can participate.
In the MOMOverse, Collect items on the map and find MBOX, which will burned directly!

About the Event

  1. During the event, there will be two separate leaderboards: the daily leaderboard and the overall leaderboard, and you can earn rewards by entering the top 100 on either leaderboard.
  2. For point details, see the “MBOX Burn Table” below.
  3. You can earn collection points up to 200 times per day from the collecting event.

Loads of prizes up for GRABS!

For more info on the various MOBOX events see here!

🌎 What is the MOMOverse ? 🌎

Behind the land of MOMOmania floats an undiscovered universe that longs to be discovered and inhabited by Unique Avatars of their kind,
called MOMO-mians. Creating & sharing ideas and concepts will be key to the success in this alternative realm.

It is a place where Unique MOMO-mians jump in, take control, complete daily quests all whilst making “Play-To-Earn” a reality!

Are you ready to go on a journey in this action packed space to build, create and meet Unique friends too?

Join in now @ www.mobox.io

❓ Who Is Yield Guild Games? (YGG)🎮

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized gaming guild acquiring yield-generating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in blockchain games. With 110,000+ members and 27,000+ scholars present in 24+ countries, YGG’s mission is to onboard millions of players around the world to the “play-to-earn” revolution that brings the benefits of blockchain technology to those that need them the most.

For more information about Yield Guild Games , check out their Website Whitepaper , Discord and Twitter .



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