List your MOBOX Avatar on & WIN

🗞 Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

You have all been patiently waiting in great anticipation…
& Now It is official….👀

⭐️The Time Has Come To WITHDRAW Your MOBOX AVATAR’s To Your Decentralized Wallets — starting from 5th of April !⭐️

If you were one of the lucky participants in the MOBOX — Binance Mini Program back in December 2021 you would have received a MOBOX NFT Avatar which is patiently waiting for you at Binance NFT.

Did You Know?
Owning a MOBOX Avatar opens a world of opportunities within the MOMOverse. Only players who hold a MOBOX Avatar can participate in MOprofession, MOsocial and MOMO Home. Subsequent games in the MOMOverse will also have certain requirements for Avatars!

Now to some more exciting news 👀⤵️

has teamed up with GALLER to bring you an exciting event!

$500,000 NFT Giveaway
MOBOX Avatar Launchpad on

For full details of the event read on! 👇

🤔 What Are MOBOX Avatars

MOBOX Avatars/MOMO-mians are a virtual representation of YOU used in the MOMOverse.
Uniquely just yours, they are digital versions of a walking talking you where you can control and express your best self in this graphical character of you! Your little creation will allow you to express your identity in the MOBOX digital realm, go shopping, play games, work, live life do what you do best all with your personalized & customized self. What better way to get to know the ins and outs of a magical MOMOverse then with your very own mini me, wouldn’t you say?🤩

Now imagine a world where other MOMO-mians roam around & socialize together, living their best life and you can get up close and personal, joining in MOBOX games together and be a part of so much more fun in this alternative universe using your MOMO-mian to guide the way. I mean interacting with others MOBOXer MOMO-mians WOW! Now that’s pretty neat!🤯

Take your MOMO-mian and enter a whole new dimension, be in control of the action, interact with other MOBOXers, make new friends.

As you go about your day living within the MOMOverse space you can explore, you can also create and you monetize !

Are you ready to join in on the fun?

💸 List / Buy MOBOX NFT Avatar’s on & participate in $500,000 worth of Giveaways💸


Date: April 5thApril 13th
Winners announced at/after 14th April

Winners announced HERE

During the event, collect and list MOBOX NFT Avatars on to earn tickets and enter the $500,000 NFT Giveaway

How to earn Tickets?✍️

  1. Each MOBOX NFT avatar that is listed on by an individual wallet address will gain 1 ticket
  2. Only MOBOX NFT avatars purchased and listed on are eligible to gain 1 ticket
  3. MOBOX NFT avatars that are transferred without a listing will NOT gain a ticket

How is the winner decided?

  1. After the event is closed the number of tickets accumulated for each wallet address will be tallied.
  2. Users can check their wallet address here
  3. Random draw will take place
  4. Each wallet address can only win 1 prize


  1. 1000 KEYs
  2. 1 Legendary MOMO

How to claim?

User must have a account + Avatar and navigate to (link to be provided) at the end of the event to check if they won a prize.

MOBOX Avatar Launchpad on is a digital market place for crypto collectables and non-fungible tokens-NFTs. Where you can buy sell and discover digital goodies.

MOBOX is joining forces with Galler to not only bring you all an EPIC Event and Giveaways but also to bring a…
⭐️ Special Addition ⤵️

⭐️ An Exclusive Mint offer ⭐️
We have raised the bar a bit with this one and making an ultra unique offer. By allowing you to Mint your very own exclusive MOBOX Avatar on the Launchpad.

With only 1000 MOBOX Avatar’s @ 0.1BNB available you don't want to miss out on this awesome limited MOBOX opportunity !

Stuck on how to withdraw your NFT avatar from Binance Marketplace and how to list it on Follow the full guide here !

UNBOX the MOMOverse Alpha Test Events!

Use of your unique MOBOX avatars right away by joining MOBOX NFT AVATAR ULTIMATE BURN EVENT!

Starting April 6th, team MOBOX will be holding the ULTIMATE COLLECT, BURN, AND WIN MBOX EVENT! The event will last for 4 weeks where all MOBOXers can join in on the fun. Team MOBOX expects to burn roughly 56,000,000 MBOX per week, with a total of ~224,000,000 MBOX to be burned!

During the event, 56,000,000 MBOX items will be distributed throughout the the MOMOverse map. Players will be able to collect these unique items by simply tapping on them. There will be a total of 5 different quality of items for users to collect. The higher the quality of items collected the more points that will be rewarded

Only MOBOXers can participate (you must own a MOBOX NFT Avatar to be a MOBOXer).

⭐️For More info on the MOBOX Anniversary events see here:⭐️

First time accessing MOBOX?


🌎 What is the MOMOverse ? 🌎

Behind the land of MOMOmania floats an undiscovered universe that longs to be discovered and inhabited by Unique Avatars of their kind,
called MOMO-mians. Creating & sharing ideas and concepts will be key to the success in this alternative realm.

It is a place where Unique MOMO-mians jump in, take control, complete daily quests all whilst making “Play-To-Earn” a reality!

Are you ready to go on a journey in this action packed space to build, create and meet Unique friends too?

Stay TUNED Coming to a Screen Near You on @




MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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