Welcome to — MOMO Cup 2022!

6 min readNov 17, 2022

Welcome to the MOMO CUP of 2022! 🙌 ⚽️

With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching & the World stopping to be apart of this momentous football occasion, here at MOBOX we wanted to take part too so we put our thinking caps on 🧠 !!…

“How can we create something NEW, FUN, MOMOish whilst bringing some excitement to our MOBOXers?”

Well, after some long thought and with the GOOooOoAaalll! of our community in mind…
Here we have it, introducing you to this fun and epic collaboration between MOBOX, CoinMarketCap and BNB Chain, with these forces combined we bring you the… MOMO CUP 2022!! 🏆⚽️

The MOMO CUP, is coming in full speed ahead kicking goals and to bring you a legendary month long event with loads of fun activities , amazing prizes and jam packed action! 🙌

What is the Aim of the Game? — how do I join in?

The aim is to have fun in Social Activities and Game Challenges to get special World Cup MOballs. Then use your collected MOballs for the final lucky draw to win a CMC Legendary MOMO NFT, and additional rewards, total valued at $100,000 USD! ! 👀
Also use the World Cup MOBalls you collected to catch MOMO NFTs in
the MOMOverse.🌎

Want to hear more?…
You bet you do.. 😉

Join us & read along to get the full details and the ins and outs of
the MOMO CUP ! 🏆

⚽️ Details of the MOMO CUP ⚽️

🗓 When:

17 Nov 2022 9:00 AM UTC — 19 Dec 2022 9:00 AM UTC


  • World Cup MOBalls
  • World Cup Footballs
  • 1,000 MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes
  • 2,000 MOBOX Avatars
  • Airdrop 10K CMC Diamond Rewards
  • Airdrop 10K MBOX to exclusive CMC users
  • 1 Legendary CMC MOMO NFT

Note: * The MBOX + Mystery Boxes, MOBOX Avatar + Legendary CMC MOMO NFT will be sent to your decentralized wallets after the completion of the event !

⚽️What is a World Cup MOball?

* Win World Cup MOBalls for 1 limited-edition legendary MOMO NFT.
* 100 World Cup Footballs can be swapped for1 World Cup MOBall.
* Complete Event tasks to get more World Cup Football.

🏆 How to Participate:

First: & foremost all participants will need to visit the MOMO CUP 2022 event page HERE

There you will find “ Social Activities “ and “ Game Challenges” that you can complete to earn World Cup MOBalls, each World Cup MOBall equates to more entries for the Legendary CoinMarketCap MOMO NFT!

What’s Next?
Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter MOMO CUP Event page
  2. Connect Your Wallet
  3. Follow MOBOX & CoinMarketCap(CMC) on Twitter, RT our Event Tweet, tag 3 Friends; Comment with your BNB wallet address / or MOBOX user ID on the MOMO CUP Tweet; Enter your Twitter username on MOMO CUP’s landing page!
  4. You are qualified to earn campaign rewards (To be eligible, you must follow us on Twitter for the final lucky draw).
  5. Now you can kick Goals in the Social Activities & Game Challenges ! GOOOooAALllll!🙌⚽️

🏆 Social Activities — MOre ways to win!


✅ CMC-Diamond Program (MOCode)⬇️
(MoCode redeemable from 25th Nov)

Go to CMC and collect your diamonds for your chance to redeem MBOX rewards!

How to participate in the CMC-Diamond program?

1. Collect the CMC Diamonds and get the MOcode rewards with 300 Diamonds.

2. Come back to MOMO CUP

3. Use your MOcode to redeem 1 MBOX!

Go to CMC diamond store to get your MOcode

Go Mingle Task

✅ Invite 3 new friends to join MOMO CUP

✅ Join MOBOX Telegram and be verified by @MOCUP_bot

✅ Join CMC Announcements Channel

✅ Join MOBOX Discord and be verified by @MOCUP_bot

✅ Follow MOBOX on CMC

✅ Post in CMC Community, and hashtag #MOMOCUP2022

✅ Post in MOBOX Community, and hashtag #MOMOCUP2022

see example below

Post your Comment — “ MOMO CUP is live! #MOMOCUP2022”

✅ Post your comment on the CMC community & MOBOX Community:
MOMO CUP is live! #MOMOCUP2022”

⚽️ Game Challenges 🎮

❗️Important ⬇️

✅ Log in to MOBOX’s landing page every day! — Don’t miss out!

Token Master:

  • Plunder x12 ; Rewards: 30 Footballs
  • Plunder and receive 20 Stars; Rewards: 40 Footballs
  • Refine or Replace skills 2 times; Rewards: 30 Footballs

Block Brawler:

  • Battle x20 ; Rewards: 30 Footballs
  • Smelt Gear x2 ; Rewards: 30 Footballs
  • Forge Gear x1 ; Rewards: 40 Footballs

ChainZ Arena:

  • Arena Challenge x12 ; Rewards: 30 Footballs
  • Synthesis Equipment x3 ; Rewards: 40 Footballs
  • Normal Summons x2 ; Rewards: 30 Footballs

Clash of MOland:

  • Consume Tactical Point x100; Rewards: 40 Footballs
  • Arena Challenge x10 ; Rewards: 20 Footballs
  • Premium Summon x2 ; Rewards: 40 Footballs

MOland Defense:

  • Bounty Quest x1 ; Rewards: 40 Footballs
  • Arena Challenge x1 ; Rewards: 30 Footballs
  • Clear Relic Explore Stage 1; Rewards: 30 Footballs

Earning 100 World Cup Footballs = to 1 World Cup MoBall, which you use to catch MOMO’s in the MOMOverse.
New to catching MOMO’s in the MOMOverse? read on! ⬇️

🌎 What is MOMO Boxing — MOball ? 🌎

The residents of MOMOverse have recently discovered some mysterious visitors to the continent, a group of wild MOMOs. These MOMOs roam around the MOMOverse and engage in spontaneous production and mining work. Some residents of the MOMOverse have tried to communicate with them, but have failed to do so. It seems that they are somewhat wary of the humans who appear around them.

According to reliable sources, Molantis’ R&D department has recently developed a special BOX (ing) device for the wild MOMOs, which they call the “MOBall”. The device has a special chip built into it that enables people to communicate with MOMOs smoothly, making it easier to gain their trust and enter into a mysterious contract with the resident, through which the MOMOs will willingly collaborate with them to produce a range of materials inc MBOX.

MOMOBoxing — Catching MOMO NFTs

There will be different rarities of MOMOs roaming in the MOMOverse — Common, Uncommon, Unique and Rare — and each MOMO will have five different emotional states, which correspond to the difficulty of the BOX (ing). For example, a Tense MOMO has very sharp senses and may escape at any time making BOXing them tougher.

If you want to know more about MOBoxing and how to capture the MOMO’s see HERE !

When you use the World Cup MOBall to fetch MOMOs in the MOMOverse, please note that we will release MOMOs at a regular event time.

Click the “Event” button
Check out our Event Time!

Once you go to the MOMOverse, you need to open your mail letter to claim your World Cup MOBalls. You can claim all in one click!

You don’t need to pay the gas fee here

Curious to find out more about the MOMOVerse , then read on HERE!

We cannot wait to see all of our MOBOXers Kicking Goals at this Event & of course @ MOBOX The number #1 Gaming Platform on the BNB Chain! 🙌





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