MOBOX Community Update #20

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👋Hey There MOBOXers!

It’s Your Main Crew Here at MOBOX giving you the latest and greatest on all things hip and happening with:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Stats on; TVL, Chests, NFTs Traded & MBOX
  • Token Master Updates
  • CMC Campaign
  • CMC legendaries
  • Block Brawler
  • MBOX Burn

👀 Read along & check it out!

⭐️ Are You New to MOBOX?⭐️
Want to know how to get started in staking on the MOBOX Platform, we have a Guide for you HERE and if you want to know all things MOMO a Guide for you HERE.

📊Platform stats:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $124,281,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 427 853
  • Total NFTs traded last 7 days : over $1,352,460
  • Total MBOX Staked : 889,248 (representing 3.84% of all MBOX in circulation)
  • Current MBOX in circulation 23,137,054

MOBOX continues to be ranked #1 in Games on volume and users on the Binance Smart Chain and overall across all Blockchain’s we are ranked #1 on volume.

Yet again a wonderful achievement and as always we could not have done this with an amazing community behind us. 👏👏

CoinMarketCap — CMC

MOBOX & CMC are teaming up! 🙌

MOBOX in conjunction with CoinMarketCap will be running a campaign on CMC where it educates new users about the MOBOX platform and the unique offerings that MOBOX has to offer.

This is CMC “ Learn Crypto Earn Crypto” campaign will also reward lucky users with “KEYS” where they can unlock MOMO’s and experience the MOBOX platform to the fullest.

Further to this campaign, we will also be creating a total of 5 CoinMarketCap Legendary NFT’s. 👀
How AWESOME is that!!! 🙌

CoinMarketCap NFT on
CoinMarketCap NFT on

During the campaign:

  • Two of these MOMO NFTs will be given away to users who complete the
    “ Learn Crypto Earn Crypto” campaign.
  • While the other 3 will be given out at a later time (to be announced).

Here at MOBOX we are all about building our community. Having this fun, exciting and educational collaboration is a further testament to the MOBOX platform and community that companies such as CoinMarketCap want to collaborate with us on this campaign and of course unique Legendary NFTs!

🐒MBOX x APEswap 🍌

As we have released news to you last week that MOBOX is collaborating with ApeSwap on a number of things.
One of those is the that MOBOX will create a once off 5 Legendary NFTs.

Above are 3 ApeSwap NFTs + a Legendary ApeSwap NFT that MOBOX will create!

🍌These Monkey MOMO NFTs are going to be unique and will show true interoperability between the two platforms… Not to mention they are pretty darn cute too don’t you think?! 🙊

🐒The 5 Legendary MOMO NFTs will be given away to MOBOX and ApeSwap users.

🙈 ApeSwap will also give away two of the Legendary MOMO NFTs while the other three will be obtainable on the MOBOX Platform.

🙉The MOBOX Platform will support all ApeSwap NFTs in all our games, this again is a testament to true NFT cross platform interoperability.

🙊More news on these legendary ApeSwap MOMO NFTs will be released in due time!

MOMO Token Master

Over the next week we will have two updates coming to Token Master. One is coming online on the 24th of June called MOBOXer Ring and on the 1st July we have MOMO Adventure being released.

MOBOXer Ring : (June 24th update)
Players will be able to use MOMO’s allocated by the system with full attributes and full skill levels for fair competition

MOMO Adventure : (July 1st update)
In MOMO Adventure players can choose any 3 rare quality MOMO (that they own) to go on an adventure and complete tasks to win MBOX rewards.

More details on the above will come at the time of launch so stay Tuned !

🪓 Block Brawler 🔨

💬 We see you asking….

❓ What is Block Brawler?

❓ How will it work?

Well wait no more your questions will be answered..🙌

👨‍💻& Without further ado you can read more about Block Brawler 👉 HERE!


MOBOX LIVE chat, located at bottom right hand corner as shown above

You may have already noticed that we have introduced a new LIVE chat on our website and the MOBOX app. 📲

✅ This went live today!

❌ If you have not noticed the change as of yet, please refresh your browser and clear the cache too.

💬The chat is located on the bottom right hand corner of the website as seen above.

👩‍💻Have Fun, Join in & Chat to your fellow MOBOXers!

There are multiple rooms available to join. 🙌

**NOTE: In the future update we will also allow for private rooms to be created where you can chat exclusively with your friends. 😮

🔥MBOX Buy Back & Burn🔥

Few days ago we have executed two burns of the MBOX Token.
This time we have burned a total 402595 MBOX Equivalent to ~$326,100 BUSD.

Proof of burn🔥:

Proof of burn🔥:

Total MBOX that has been burnt so far is currently sitting at 1,609,313

📲MOBOX Platform APP

For the latest version of our MOBOX App please use the following links to download:

Android APP download link: (you need to download the new installation APK and directly overwrite installation)

IOS (testfight) download link: (Mobox Pro version, will not overwrite the old App, do not uninstall the previous App as it will delete your wallet)

You can also download the iOS directly via the Apple App Store HERE:

❗️ Stay Informed

Be a part of this experience, join in, stay informed & participate in our unique platform community.

Awesome announcements, competitions, events & all round update/changes can happen rapidly here at MOBOX

follow us here on:

❗️ Don’t Miss Out

We have several events/competitions across our socials:

$2000 in Cake giveaway to be shared with 4 users , see tweet HERE!

🏆Be in it to win it!🏆

We look forward to another jam-packed NFT buzzing week ahead with plenty more updates to come!

Until next week ✌️

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